Solo Spice: Victoria @ Holt Renfrew

This post will probably be long winded and non-sensical but I have to at least give this story a try.

I wasn't actually going to go to Victoria's autograph signing at Holt Renfew on Tuesday afternoon but when I got to work I started thinking that if I didn't at least attempt to meet her in person when she was right here in my fair city I would probably end up kicking myself later (or perhaps something worse than kicking).

So I discussed it with my co-workers who each told me to go, "it will be worth it in the end", they told me. At the time I agreed with them lol.

So off I went at around 10:30am, driving my little Chevy downtown and arriving at Holt Renfrew at around 11:15. By then there was already a packed VIP line section (people who had shown up at around 7 in the morning and most of which had bought either her sunglasses or jeans (which were on sale for her to sign), and quite a bit of a line growing behind it. I made my way to the end where I immediately clicked with a few people in the line including Michele, Ilinca and her mother (which is good luck for me because standing in a line until her appearance time of 2pm probably would have been a bit more daunting if I hadn't).

So through our discussions on our feelings toward Victoria, the tour, all the Girls histories, and other celebrities we liked and disliked, we kept over hearing that Victoria would not be taking pictures and that she would only be signing for people who had bought either her sunglasses or her jeans. Knowing that this could not possibly be true we stuck around like devoted little fans. I for one could not afford to buy either items, so I had brought my copy of her Autobiography "Learning To Fly" with me.

As the minutes grew closer to her appearance (and the crowd of fans grew larger and more mob like), Ilinca's mother agreed to save our spots in line while we went closer to where she would be sitting to see if we could get a few pictures from when she first arrived. As she came out and Justin Timberlake's "Sexyback" started playing on what seemed to be repeat at first, the crowd went absolutely insane. As I tried my hardest to achieve good pictures through the massive crowd, 8 more camera's would pop up in front of me obstructing my view of the 5' 3" superstar. That or one of her extremely tall bodyguards would stand in front of her, she's so small. So long story short, my camera battery died before I got the chance to get any good quality pictures so Michele and I decided to go back in line.

We found Mom and stood in line for about an hour and 20 minutes and griped about how we had hardly even moved and the fact that the line didn't even seem to maintain it's linear orderly form anymore. By this time Ilinca had been going back and forth between the line and the mob of photographic Spice fans getting some pretty good shots of Posh (this is the reason I make friends kids... photo connections :)). When Michele and I had heard that she was only staying for another 10 minutes we decided to join the packs of photographers because of the certainty that we would never get through for an autograph (which as we knew, she was indeed signing other items besides her clothes as well as taking photographs and hugging people which was so nice to see. See I'm not oppossed to hugging, just do it when people are not on the air lol). She then ended up coming over to both sides of the mob and signing little things for people and shaking hands (mine being one of the hands shaken), I yelled "Good Luck Tonight" she said "Thank You" having no idea who had just said that, and then a few minutes later she was off.

Although I was a bit disappointed that I had waited around for about 4 and a half hours with only sore feet and a spice girl hand shake to show for it, my co-workers were right, it was completely worth it. I got to see this gorgeous woman in the flesh, I met a few really nice people in line and then I got to go see them perform in the evening for the last time. All in all it was a great day. I got to see the Pob in person... if that isn't excitement, I don't know what is.
Thanks to Ilinca for sending me pictures from that day, the last two on this post are hers.

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