Melanie C's Tour Beauty Secrets

For all the rock chicks out there with a flare and pinache for all things futuristic, then you may want to jot down a few of the pointers for creating and perfecting the new Sporty look....

Hair stylist Jamie (Pritchard) says: We've created a modern update on the classic ponytail from Melanie's old Sporty Spice days but with a futuristic feel to it.

How It's Done: Melanie's ponytail is made from human hair so it's quite major to look after but once it's pinned in, it's good for the whole evening. I slick up her hair before putting the piece in, and Melanie is really cool about that because of her ballet dancing days. I whack a load of product in, usually styling cream, to keep it in place. And if Melanie's fringe gets damp during the show, I spray dry shampoo through it and she's ready to go again.

As for make-up....

Make-up artist Kolburn (Ran Kristjansdottir) says: It's a futuristic, uber-rock chick version of the familiar Sporty Spice. We wanted to take her from what she was years ago and bring her right up to what she is now.

How It's Done: I use a mineral foundation for that flawless look, plus it's very healthy for the skin, and protects it from the effects of touring and travel. On cheeks I use a pretty blusher that gives a rosey, healthy glow.

On the eyes I use a black kohl and on the eyelid I use a paint pot which is a waterproof liquid make-up in a midnight blue colour. I put that on first to give a base for the eye make-up to stay on throughout the show. Then I use pigmentation colours, which are like a loose eye shadow, on the eyelids. For highlights I use a vanilla colour up to the eyebrow.

I use glitter glue on the eyelids and the I put glitter on top which catches the light and it's amazing - it makes Melanie's eyes look like living disco balls.

On the lips I use a soft pale pink glaze and finish off with lots of black inside each eye and loads and tons of waterproof mascara.

I want my eyes to look like living disco balls lol. That sounds awesome.

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