Mel B: The Singing Office Commercial

Here is the commercial for Mel B's new reality talent show with Joey Fatone "The Singing Office". I love that I don't even have to write about the premise of the show because it's all explained for me in the commercial. Tune in Sunday for the first episode. If you miss it due to some reason it will air again June 30th at 12am, and July 6th at 10pm.

David Beckham: New Armani Pictures

There's really no story here, I just thought the site could use a little dose of testosterone which kinda sounds like an insult to myself (being a guy and all) but it's really not. Trust me if I looked like this I would walk around half naked all day. I wouldn't have any skills, any ambitions, I wouldn't even know how to read....I'd just be half naked. David recently turned up to the unveiling of a giant billboard of the above picture at the Macy's in Union Square, San Francisco. I'm sure the queens are all so happy. Who wouldn't be?

Mel B: New Promotional Pictures

I have actually discovered 12 new promo pics of the always delightful Mel B. but I am only going to post a few in this post as I can save the rest for other posts about her. If you guys would prefer that I post the rest of them in a one shot post dedicated to just showing them let me know and I will comply. I just thought it might look a bit foolish, maybe I'm wrong. No word yet on whether these are promo pics for her new album or not but I think these would look amazing in an album jacket. I really am excited for her return to music. I thought her LA State Of Mind album was brilliant and so overlooked and undervalued. Granted she did pretty much no promotion for it so it is her fault in a way. She is still very much in the American public eye with her new reality show The Singing Office with co-host and former *N SYNC member Joey Fatone starting this coming Sunday June 29th at 9pm. Melanie and her husband Stephan Belafonte are also Executive producers of the show (look for the commercial to be posted to the site very soon).

As if that weren't enough Mel will also be co-hosting this years Miss Universe Pageant with Jerry Springer (I know, I thought it too) which airs on NBC on July 13th live from The Crown Convention Centre in Khanh Hoa, Vietnam.

Mel has said,

"I'm thrilled to be a cohost of the Miss Universe Pageant, I believe the diversity and dedication that the pageant brings inspires and empowers young women across the globe."

Busy Busy Girl! Enjoy the pics everyone.

Poll Results # 18

Okay, so there weren't as many votes this time around but because my posting frequency has diminished considerably it is only natural that fan visitation to the site would do the same thing. However there were two clear cut winners of last weeks poll and some that didn't even make the grade. The question was Which Spice Girl Do You Think Is The Most Charitable? The results in order of most voted for were....

Emma (with 30% of the vote)

Geri (also in first place with 30% of the vote)

Victoria (with 22% of the vote)

Melanie C. (with 11% of the vote)

Mel B. (with 0% of the vote)

Poor Mel B. didn't get any votes at all, I think having huge breasts and whipping people on stage is very charitable personally. So, I have another question to ask but I feel it may be the last due to reaction from this one. If you guys who still read here still want the weekly poll on the site let me know, otherwise I may just let it rest after this one. In honor of it being Pride week here in Toronto and Melanie C performing an hour gig tomorrow evening as part of the festivities, I thought I would pose this question. Which Girl Do You Think Has The Largest Gay Following As A Solo Act? Let me know about the poll and send in some of your ideas for questions. Vote Away.

Peace Everyone, Stay Safe!


Victoria Beckham: Website Message

Victoria's dVb official website is currently under construction while new updates are added but she has left the following message for her fans reflecting on the success of the brand since it's humble beginnings and how she intends to keep the line growing with the addition of their new men's line of fashions. Read On.

This past year has been amazing, not only as a mother and wife but as the Creative Director of my label ‘dVb by Victoria Beckham’.

In just under two years dVb has grown from a passionate idea into collections which are stocked in top stores around the world – something I only used to dream of.

As Creative Director I am involved in every aspect of the brand – anything which has my name on I have created since the beginning. I’m extremely passionate about what I do and I thoroughly enjoy working closely with my team to design each and every style, to thinking about the smallest details such as fabrics, colourways and packaging.

I’m very proud of dVb, each collection gets stronger with every season and the label grows as I do. Along with women’s denim the dVb mens collection has just launched, and who better than David to be my muse! The best acknowledgement I can give is that there isn’t anything in my sunglasses, denim or fragrance collections that I wouldn’t wear myself.

I am looking forward to the brand developing…I have so many ideas; patience is something I’m trying to learn but haven’t got to grips with as yet!

We are updating the dVb style site at the moment so please watch this space as there is so much more to come!

Victoria Beckham

Poll Results # 17

Wow, I seriously never thought I would get around to changing this poll thing because the idea's for questions have been getting fewer and fewer (and I didn't think anyone would still be interested in reading this blog), but judging by the response I have gotten to the past few posts (comment wise) it seems that many of you are very loyal to this space (and the Girls) and I am most greatful, really. So here we go. The last question asked on the poll was "Which Spice Girl Do You Think Is The Most Provocative? The results in order of most voted for were...

Geri (with 39% of the vote)

Victoria (with 30% of the vote)

Mel B. (with 26% of the vote)

Emma (with 13% of the vote)

Melanie C. (also with 13% of the vote)

I guess Geri's topless modelling days really lead this result. Okay, so we go from Provocative to Pro-Active. That's right, I want to know which Girl you think is most generous when it comes to giving to / supporting charities? Vote Away and keep me up on any poll idea's you guys would like to see on the blog. I do read your comments and take your suggestions for the site under my wing. It's a fan site after all, I just happen to be the writer for it.

Melanie C: Message To Canadian Fans

Melanie posted the following blog for Much Music about the Canadian Tour she did back in May and her return to Toronto for the MMVA's (Much Music Video Awards for those who aren't familiar with that abbreviation) and her upcoming performance during Pride Week.

I'm so excited to be back in Toronto, especially for such a great event. The MMVAs are going to be fantastic this year. I'm really looking forward to seeing Rihanna, Simple Plan and NKOTB perform! A lot of the artists are new to me so it's going to be fun checking out some Canadian talent.

I've got to tell you about my tour - it was amazing! We started up in Montreal, then played Ottawa, Toronto, London, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver - PHEW! Me and my band had a wicked tour bus, so we really got to see your beautiful land. Highlights included Lake Superior, The Rockies and a BEAR! That's mighty impressive to an English girl...

I had a lot of fun meeting my Canadian fans (and their big fishes!). I had two great supports - Adam Crossley, a very handsome singer-songwriter - his voice is sublime - and a very cool band called Spirits. I thought they were quite Killers-esque. If you haven't heard their stuff I recommend you check them both out on MySpace!

I was in Switzerland last weekend performing at the opening of the Euro 2008 Championships. England didn't make it through so we're all disappointed about that - you know us Brits and our soccer!

I've seen some amazing gigs recently - I saw Sir Paul McCartney in Liverpool. Liverpool is my home city and we are the European capital of culture this year, so it was a really special event. He played loads of Beatles tunes, as you can imagine the crowd were going wild!

I saw Foo Fighters at Wembeley Stadium, too. Dave Grohl is god. They were incredible! Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin joined them on stage for the encore - it was such a privilege to be in the audience!

I'm back in Toronto to play at Pride on Saturday, June 28! We're on the Wellesley Stage at 6pm - so if you haven't seen me do my solo thing, come and check us out!

See you soon!

Melanie C

No word on her plans for shooting the video for Understand but at least we know it's happening while she's here, so we'll have a new video very soon.

PS. If anyone is confused about the big fishes referrence in Melanie's note, many of her Canadian fans made cut outs of fish to hold up during the line "May you catch big fishes, and get all your wishes" when she performed "May Your Heart" during her tour. Melanie seemed to enjoy that.

Melanie C: Toronto Pride Show

Special thanks go out to visitor MJC for informing me of the show details for Melanie C's appearance during Pride weekend in Toronto.

Melanie will be performing:

Date: Saturday June 28th, 2008
Time: 6:00PM
Location: The TD Canada Trust Wellesley Stage
Duration: 1 hour set.
Admission: FREE!!!!!! (duh, it's outside lol)

Her performance will be apart of the festivities following the Dyke March planned for earlier that day. For those of you who are interested in attending this performance click this link for a map layout of where the stage is located (it's number 7 on the map). Hope to see some of you there (though I don't know what you look like, I'll just assume I see some of you I guess).

For more info on Pride week Toronto visit their official website.


Victoria Beckham: A Mind Of Its Own

There isn't really any new important news to report about Victoria, she just continues to be altogether fabulous and that is just fine with me. So I've decided (just so she's not left out) to add the video for her second single from her self-titled album "A Mind Of It's Own".

I'm still madly in love with this song and I think it is among her best work. The single reached the #6 spot in the UK charts upon it's release in February of 2002. The video is gorgeous as well.

Oh God, I completely forgot!!!! Victoria is in talks to return to the set of ABC's hit series "Ugly Betty" in it's third season after a successful stint playing herself in the second season's episode "It's A Nice Day For A Posh Wedding". Let's all cross our fingers for that to fall into place.

Geri Halliwell: On Loose Women (Part Two)

The second part of Geri's interview on Loose Women. In this clip she discusses the celebrity guest spots in her children's book series (Gordon Ramsey, Victoria and David Beckham among them), being a mother, her body issues, and Girl Power.

Geri Halliwell: On Loose Women (Part One)

So, what has Geri been up to since the Girls ended their infamous tour? She's been quite busy in her new role as children's author by promoting the first in her series of books about her character creation Ugenia Lavender.

Here she is in an interview with UK chatshow Loose Women describing her inspiration for the character and we get a little video montage of Geri's life up until this point.

When she speaks about "the other Girl who was just out here", she is referring to Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child lol. Obviously she has no idea who she is. Too funny.


Emma Bunton: Latest Official Blog

Emma recently wrote a new blog entry on her official website where she discussed her time in the US for Simon Fuller's wedding, attending the Glamour Awards with Melanie B and Geri where the Spice Girls won the award for Best Band, her new haircut and her career plans for the near future. Read on!

Hi everybody – how are you all?

I know it's been a couple of months since the last update but it has been a really busy time for me so here is a new blog to make up for my recent silence!I've just returned from my manager Simon Fuller's wedding out in the US, which was amazing. I had a great time catching up with so many people - some of you may have seen the pictures of my dress, it was by a designer called Ellie Saab, I hope you liked it. The wedding was so lovely and everyone had a great time so a big congratulations to Simon and his new wife Natalie.

When we landed back in England, we had to drive straight to the F Word studio where Jade, myself, my cousin Ross and Anton (Jade's brother in law) cooked in Gordon's kitchen as part of the brigade challenge. Jade is such a keen chef and was in his element working with Gordon. We all really enjoyed the experience – it was hard work but so much fun. Tune into the last show of the series to see how we did!

I went to the Glamour Awards with Geri and Mel B where The Spice Girls picked up the award for Best Band. Over ten years on and we are still winning awards – it is such an amazing achievement. Highlights of the night were meeting James Corden from Gavin and Stacey, catching up with Kelly Osbourne and having a gossip with Lily Allen. I also met Hayden Panettiere from Heroes who was lovely as well and she told me that she was a big fan of the Spice Girls, which was so nice to hear.But best of all, coming together with Mel and Geri again and on such a special night, we had a great laugh.

And of course I have a had my hair cut. I hope you like it – I love it, it feels fresh and sexy and what better place to show you all than at The Glamour Awards. I was also lucky enough to wear a lovely dress by J'aton Couture for the evening.

Finally, I want you all to know I have been offered lots of things and I'm busy reading lots of scripts, but my fans know me and know how important it is for me to choose the right thing.

I'll be in touch soon.


Melanie C: Returns To Canada

As we all know and some might even have experienced (me included), after the Girls finished their Reunion tour Melanie C had certainly left an impact on Canada with her latest album "This Time". The single for Carolyna was such a success on music stations Much Music and Much More Music that the only business smart thing for her to do was to come back and tour the whole of Canada last month. Her show at the Phoenix here in Toronto was received with such high energy it made me wonder why she had stayed away for so long.

Well, Mel must have enjoyed her time in our dear country because she is already planning her return to Toronto. She will be appearing as a presenter at the Much Music Video Awards on June 15th at the Chum City building where the Much Music environment is located. While she is in town she has confirmed that she will be shooting the video for her new single (album opener) "Understand". After that she will make a quick trip home to the UK before returning to Toronto yet again at the end of this month to perform a 60 minute set on the Saturday of Toronto's Gay Pride Weekend (June 28th).

No word yet on where the performance will be held but I will keep up on this info.


Melanie B: New Album

Many long months have passed since I last wrote a complete post on this blog and I'm not sure if anyone has (or will have) any interest in reading it anymore but I found some of the latest news about some of the Girls too exciting not to write about. I will in no way be writing as deligently for this blog as I did during the Spice Girls reunion tour (for the basic reason that the news surrounding the girls is in no respects as rampant as it was while they were touring around together), but I figured (recently) to just let this blog go unpublished altogether after all the good times I had writing it during those months would be horrible. So I have decided to keep it going but urge you all to tune into my other blog Impossible Prince as well, as most of my posting these days goes on there.

So now for some exciting news. This past Friday morning, I (along with many others) managed to get myself tickets to the Janet Jackson concert which will be hitting the Air Canada Centre in Toronto in September. As excited as I was (given the fact that Janet hasn't toured in about 6 years), I was in no way prepared for the exciting news that awaited me the next day.

My brother woke me up Saturday to the news that Melanie B had announced that she will be opening for Janet on her "Rock With U" Tour during the month of September. Yah...I was happy!!!!! Of course my mind automatically came to the conclusion that Mel was working on new music to promote, and I was right. Since the Girls disbanded again she decided to give the music business another shot. In a recent interview, Mel was quoted as saying,

'I'm not scared of having another try. I am working with the best producers ever. I am now ten tracks into my new record.''

'I am doing something with Janet Jackson which should be amazing. I am also going to hook up with Missy again.'

Rumour has it that one of the tracks featured on the album is about her relationship with Eddie Murphy called "Undercover", while another is a duet with fellow Spice Girl Emma Bunton. Mel's official website is currently under reconstruction but has a title page with her name and the word "REIMAGINED". Is this possibly the title for the album?

Now, her official quote about touring with Janet was that she would be opening for Janet on tour in America during the month of September but I am keeping my fingers strongly crossed that she will play the Canadian shows as well. Please God let it be true.

In other Melanie B. news, Mel is the new face (and chest) for UK Lingerie Line "Ultimo" and has recently created and launched her own clothing line called "Catty Couture" which features clothing done in her signature animal print style.