Melanie B: New Album

Many long months have passed since I last wrote a complete post on this blog and I'm not sure if anyone has (or will have) any interest in reading it anymore but I found some of the latest news about some of the Girls too exciting not to write about. I will in no way be writing as deligently for this blog as I did during the Spice Girls reunion tour (for the basic reason that the news surrounding the girls is in no respects as rampant as it was while they were touring around together), but I figured (recently) to just let this blog go unpublished altogether after all the good times I had writing it during those months would be horrible. So I have decided to keep it going but urge you all to tune into my other blog Impossible Prince as well, as most of my posting these days goes on there.

So now for some exciting news. This past Friday morning, I (along with many others) managed to get myself tickets to the Janet Jackson concert which will be hitting the Air Canada Centre in Toronto in September. As excited as I was (given the fact that Janet hasn't toured in about 6 years), I was in no way prepared for the exciting news that awaited me the next day.

My brother woke me up Saturday to the news that Melanie B had announced that she will be opening for Janet on her "Rock With U" Tour during the month of September. Yah...I was happy!!!!! Of course my mind automatically came to the conclusion that Mel was working on new music to promote, and I was right. Since the Girls disbanded again she decided to give the music business another shot. In a recent interview, Mel was quoted as saying,

'I'm not scared of having another try. I am working with the best producers ever. I am now ten tracks into my new record.''

'I am doing something with Janet Jackson which should be amazing. I am also going to hook up with Missy again.'

Rumour has it that one of the tracks featured on the album is about her relationship with Eddie Murphy called "Undercover", while another is a duet with fellow Spice Girl Emma Bunton. Mel's official website is currently under reconstruction but has a title page with her name and the word "REIMAGINED". Is this possibly the title for the album?

Now, her official quote about touring with Janet was that she would be opening for Janet on tour in America during the month of September but I am keeping my fingers strongly crossed that she will play the Canadian shows as well. Please God let it be true.

In other Melanie B. news, Mel is the new face (and chest) for UK Lingerie Line "Ultimo" and has recently created and launched her own clothing line called "Catty Couture" which features clothing done in her signature animal print style.


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Yeah! New posts! I enjoy reading it so glad to get all the news in one place! Keep up the good work!

Dan, London

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