Victoria Beckham: A Mind Of Its Own

There isn't really any new important news to report about Victoria, she just continues to be altogether fabulous and that is just fine with me. So I've decided (just so she's not left out) to add the video for her second single from her self-titled album "A Mind Of It's Own".

I'm still madly in love with this song and I think it is among her best work. The single reached the #6 spot in the UK charts upon it's release in February of 2002. The video is gorgeous as well.

Oh God, I completely forgot!!!! Victoria is in talks to return to the set of ABC's hit series "Ugly Betty" in it's third season after a successful stint playing herself in the second season's episode "It's A Nice Day For A Posh Wedding". Let's all cross our fingers for that to fall into place.

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Dan said...

Was very happy to pick up a CD in China with tracks from Victoria's second but unreleased album!

Yay VB!