Melanie C: Scarlet's First Photo Op

Melanie has recently released the first photo of her and her new baby girl Scarlet via her official website.

The site reads:

Melanie & Scarlet have had their first photo shoot! Melanie is happy for a picture to be released as she knows her fans are eager to see a picture of Scarlet. She also hopes that any media interest will be satisfied and that her privacy will continue to be respected.

Isn't that the cutest picture you've ever seen? I think so.


Mel B: Closer Columnist

Jesus, this woman truly can do it all. She's a wife, mother, singer, dancer, actress, fitness guru, fashion designer, model, author, tv presenter, and now Melanie has a weekly column in Closer Magazine entitled "Mel B: The Spiciest Column Ever" which features news about her hectic schedule, certain fashion trends and ideas that she wants to share with the masses, and some of her views on the latest celebrity gossip from that week.

Here is the introduction from her first column featured in the February 21st issue of the magazine.


Surprise, it’s me, Mel B! And I’m going to be here every week with a glimpse into my life. Plus, you’ll be getting my views on all the latest news and celeb gossip. Right now, the family and I are preparing to up sticks to go to Las Vegas, where I’ll be performing my new revue-style show at the Planet Hollywood Hotel on the strip. As we speak, my name is in huge lights and tickets for my Peep Show are selling like hot cakes. The last time I was there was with the Spice Girls – so it’s quite a change to be going it alone this time around. I was dubious about living in Vegas – it’s a bit mental with all the gambling, isn’t it?! But my good pal, singer Toni Braxton, has lived there for years with her family. There’s actually a real suburbia away from the strip, but I won’t be based in a house – I’ll be living in a chic hotel until July! Cher and Bette Midler are performing
there too – and I can’t wait to meet them. I’ll be letting you know how I’m getting on each week in Closer.

The columns are featured on Melanie's official website each week so be sure to stop on by and have a look.

Geri Halliwell: Bride To Be?

Alright, I actually have more Melanie B posts for you all but it seems like I've posted only stories about her lately. She's a busy little thing.... well, that and I've been lazy. However, this post is all about Geri.

Our Ginger girl, who has been enjoying her success as a Children's Author since the end of the Spice Girls tour, recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Italian millionaire Fabrizio Politi over the Christmas holidays. The couple who had only been seen dating for a few weeks before their engagement, made the announcement through Geri's management company, 19 Management.

Though the proposal news was quite fast, the couple has announced that they have no plans for an immediate marriage as they are enjoying their engagement. Good idea Geri. It's best to know each other before you rush into something like marriage lol.

Congrats to the happy couple.
UPDATE: Geri is not engaged anymore and perhaps she never really was. It seems to be a rumour like all stories eventually turn out to be. Thank you, to two of my readers for bringing this to my attention. Much appreciated!


Mel B: On The Bonnie Hunt Show (February 2009)

Of course I can't add the Ellen interview without adding the interview that Mel did with talk show host Bonnie Hunt. Now, we didn't get much more information out of Mel about her new Vegas Revue "Peepshow", except that it is starting March 30th and it will run for 6 months. But what more do we need to know really? If it's Mel and showgirls, it will no doubt be fabulous.

What I want to know is, is her album release going to be pushed back until she finishes the Vegas show? And is the album even near done? We seem to be waiting forever with this album.

Mel B: On The Ellen Degeneres Show (February 2009)

For those of you who may have missed the very funny interview that Mel did with talk show host/comedian Ellen Degeneres last month, here is the video for you viewing pleasure.

Watch as Mel tries to teach Ellen some of the workout moves from her Totally Fit DVD and Ellen's hilarious comic touches to make them a bit more fun.

Totally Fit is available in stores now. I have it and trust me when I say it works.