Mel B: Closer Columnist

Jesus, this woman truly can do it all. She's a wife, mother, singer, dancer, actress, fitness guru, fashion designer, model, author, tv presenter, and now Melanie has a weekly column in Closer Magazine entitled "Mel B: The Spiciest Column Ever" which features news about her hectic schedule, certain fashion trends and ideas that she wants to share with the masses, and some of her views on the latest celebrity gossip from that week.

Here is the introduction from her first column featured in the February 21st issue of the magazine.


Surprise, it’s me, Mel B! And I’m going to be here every week with a glimpse into my life. Plus, you’ll be getting my views on all the latest news and celeb gossip. Right now, the family and I are preparing to up sticks to go to Las Vegas, where I’ll be performing my new revue-style show at the Planet Hollywood Hotel on the strip. As we speak, my name is in huge lights and tickets for my Peep Show are selling like hot cakes. The last time I was there was with the Spice Girls – so it’s quite a change to be going it alone this time around. I was dubious about living in Vegas – it’s a bit mental with all the gambling, isn’t it?! But my good pal, singer Toni Braxton, has lived there for years with her family. There’s actually a real suburbia away from the strip, but I won’t be based in a house – I’ll be living in a chic hotel until July! Cher and Bette Midler are performing
there too – and I can’t wait to meet them. I’ll be letting you know how I’m getting on each week in Closer.

The columns are featured on Melanie's official website each week so be sure to stop on by and have a look.

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