Geri Halliwell: Bride To Be?

Alright, I actually have more Melanie B posts for you all but it seems like I've posted only stories about her lately. She's a busy little thing.... well, that and I've been lazy. However, this post is all about Geri.

Our Ginger girl, who has been enjoying her success as a Children's Author since the end of the Spice Girls tour, recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Italian millionaire Fabrizio Politi over the Christmas holidays. The couple who had only been seen dating for a few weeks before their engagement, made the announcement through Geri's management company, 19 Management.

Though the proposal news was quite fast, the couple has announced that they have no plans for an immediate marriage as they are enjoying their engagement. Good idea Geri. It's best to know each other before you rush into something like marriage lol.

Congrats to the happy couple.
UPDATE: Geri is not engaged anymore and perhaps she never really was. It seems to be a rumour like all stories eventually turn out to be. Thank you, to two of my readers for bringing this to my attention. Much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

geri isn't getting married after all

svhwdwnut said...

what do u mean by lol @ the end? they broke up a while ago btw! u should add that they split up.