Victoria Beckham: Bizarre Beauty Regime

Victoria, who has previously admitted to sleeping in the nude, has now revealed that part of her nightly beauty regime consists of sleeping with socks and gloves on.

"I put really thick foot lotion on with socks before I go to sleep. I also use thick hand cream with gloves at the same time.

David thinks I'm loony because I get into bed with gloves and socks on."

She says that the process is part of her top 10 beauty secrets. She also claims that she spends a lot of time making sure that her eyebrows are well groomed.

"I spend more time on them then I used to. I always thought, 'Oh, they're just brows.' But now I pay attention to them. I brush them and I'm careful not to over-pluck."

Just as long as she doesn't tweeze in bed as well.

Emma Bunton: Loose Women Interview (September 2008)

Emma appeared on UK chatshow Loose Women yesterday morning to discuss all of her latest presenting gigs, including co-hosting Richard & Judy, hosting the show One Night Only this past Sunday and mentoring on The X Factor with Dannii Minogue. Emma and Geri will be presenting an award this evening at the Pride Of Britain Awards which will be aired on ITV1 tomorrow night at 8pm.

Melanie C: Time For Happy Hour

For you fans in the UK, Melanie C will be appearing in her first television interview since her pregnancy announcement this Friday on Al Murray's Happy Hour on ITV1.

Al called Melanie up when one of his scheduled guests for Friday's show cancelled unexpectedly and she was happy to help him out. The show airs at 10pm, be sure to tune in. Of course, I'll be adding the interview as soon as I find it anyway.


Victoria Beckham: Ugly Betty Now On DVD

The second season of Ugly Betty is now available to own on DVD. Now we can all enjoy the episode "It's A Nice Day For A Posh Wedding" guest starring Victoria, whenever we want.

Or if you only want to watch the clips with Victoria then you can watch the video above.

"It's Beck-MMMMMM."

Mel B: GMTV Interview (September 9th, 2008)

Earlier this month, Mel did a short interview with GMTV in New York, the day before she launched her Ultimo lingerie line at New York Fashion Week. The interviewer decided to hunt down some leopard print items that Mel may not have in her possession thus far.

Also, if you would like to hear the radio interview that Mel did with radio station 103.5 KTU in New York then simply follow this link and click where indicated.

Emma Bunton: Baby Joins X Factor

Television hosting seems to be Emma's new fortay. On top of recently filling in for Judy Finnigan on the highly rated British talk show "Richard & Judy", she has now signed on to be a new guest judge on Simon Fuller's "The X-Factor", the singing competition show which produced Leona Lewis.

Emma will be a part of permanent judge Dannii Minogue's team as she helps her to choose her final three choices for her over 25 set of performers who will then go on to compete against the other judges top picks for the win.
Dannii stated,

“She’s been brilliant — one of the best X Factor guest judges ever. She really helped me focus on who we should be putting through to the next round.”

“Emma is one of the biggest X Factor fans so she knows the show inside out.”

Geri Halliwell: Ginger Goes Brunette/More Book Signings

Geri made her first appearance of many on her new book tour around the UK at Harrods in London this past Saturday afternoon. Our former Ginger Spice sported new brunette locks as she autographed copies of her Ugenia Lavender book series. Sadly, I heard from a few fans that went to the appearance that Geri was unresponsive and a bit distant except for when it came to signing for children. That breaks my heart a little to hear. I hope this wasn't true for everyone who came without child in tow.
Geri has scheduled two more in store signings since my last posting. The first will be on Saturday October 4th at 12:30pm at the Borders bookstore in Oxford. The second is on Thursday November 6th at 4pm at the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent. Hopefully she'll be nicer. What do you think of Geri as a brunette?


Victoria Beckham: On Regis And Kelly (Part 2)

In the second part of the interview, Victoria talks about her marriage to David (the power couple recently celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary back in July), their three boys, their life in the public eye (ie. paparazzi) and the launch of the Signature Fragrance at Macy's (which was yesterday afternoon).
Above are a couple of pictures of David and Victoria posing at Macy's NYC during their autograph signing. The couple arrived (half an hour late) walking down a regal purple carpet in the midst of a raging crowd of fans and paparazzi from around the world. Victoria wore a charcoal grey Antonio Berardi dress and thigh high, skin tight PVC heel-less boots. While David wore a very dapper cream pinstripe three-piece suit by Tom Ford.

Victoria Beckham: On Regis & Kelly (Part 1)

As promised, I am posting the interview with Victoria on Regis & Kelly promoting the new Signature Fragrance line from DVB.
In the first half of the interview, Kelly gushes over Victoria, Victoria helps guest host Nick Lachey come to terms with his David Beckham crush, and they discuss the newly christened Posh hairstyle, the "Popsie".

I do love her dress.


Melanie C: Here It Comes Again

I only have time for one post today. Sad but true, and since it is a bit of a slow news day for all of the girls, I'm adding the music video for Here It Comes Again, which is my almost favorite video by Melanie C.
I'll never forget when I first found out that this single was coming out. It had been over 3 years since her first album had been released and I was slightly giving up hope that she would ever put out another solo record. I was working at a cd store called CD Plus, and my boss and I were going through the new music catalogues, ordering the next weeks new releases, when I saw the picture of the single and subsequent album cover. Excited I was, firstly because of the thought of new music, and secondly that she had reverted back to her original hair color and she was looking gorgeous after the very unappealing blonde hair phase that she had gone through with Northern Star. And so, I immediately demanded that my boss (who had doubts about ordering any) order a copy for me personally. Good times.
But enough anecdotes. Written by Melanie, Marius DeVries and Robert Howard, Here It Comes Again is the first single from Mel's second solo album "Reason" (2003). The single was released February 24th, 2003 and became a top 10 hit in the UK but only peaked at #7 on the charts, which really surprises me because I really think this song is perfect. The video was shot in LA and directed by Charles Infante.


Mel B: Pose For The Cure Interview

Here is a very short interview clip of Mel B talking about her latest philanthropic work with the Susan G. Komen Pose For The Cure charity. She also discusses her gig as a correspondent for Access Hollywood covering the latest season of Dancing With The Stars. Take a look.

Poll Results # 21

That's more like it. The number of poll votes went up again this week (which makes me ever so happy). Victoria is obviously a very good topic. The question was Which of Victoria's hairstyles is your favorite? Here are the results in order of most voted for.

Classic Pob (with 40% of the vote)

Pixie Cut (very close behind with 33% of the vote)

Spice World Tour Hairstyle (with 13% of the vote)

Blonde Bob (also with 13% of the vote)

That was a fun one. Again, I apologize for not even remembering the extensions years, I'm sure that would have won had I thought to add it lol. Thanks very much for voting everyone. On to the next question which is such an obvious one that I can't believe it wasn't the first poll question when I started this site almost a year ago. Which Spice Girl album is your favorite? Vote Away. I'm so glad the Blonde bob didn't win by the way lol.

Victoria Beckham: Lindsay's Latest Crush

Actress/sometime singer/recovering addict/newly outed lesbian Lindsay Lohan (whom I love, because I really feel she is out of her mind) has admitted to having a little crush on Vicki.

The Mean Girls star who is currently starring as a guest performer on the hit ABC show "Ugly Betty", admitted to paparazzi that she admired Victoria's new hair cut during the premiere for the 3rd season of the show which starts tonight, stating that it reminded her of her girlfriend Samantha Ronson's hair.

"I love her hair. She looks really hot at the moment. It reminds me of Sam."

Oh Lindsay! This is the most normal thing you've done in years. Tune in to Ugly Betty tonight for the season premiere. You never know, Victoria may be filming another guest spot sometime soon.

Mel B: Official Website Open For Business

Mel's official website has been completely redesigned and is now open for business. Head on over and see all that MelanieBrown.com has to offer us. Blogs, new promotional shots, music video's, contests, a biography and much much more. Definitely worth a look.

Here is the first blog featured on the site (which was clearly written awhile ago).

Hi everyone,

It certainly has been a busy, amazing couple of weeks for me.

I just got back from Vietnam, where I co-hosted the Miss Universe pageant. What an incredible experience - great people, delicious food, the sea was the clearest, cleanest blue I've ever seen, great for swimming, although with a temperature of 80 degrees it was a challenge to cool off. The countryside was also breath-taking and I was lucky enough to take in the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. It was a great trip, although the poverty level of many of the Vietnamese people was certainly eye-opening.

I had a fabulous time doing the show, met girls from 80 different countries. My co-host Jerry Springer was incredibly fun to hang out with, he had me in fits of laughter, the man has the sense of humor of a 21-year old! I also had the opportunity to meet and hang out with the amazing Lady GaGa who performed her hit "Just Dance" on the show. What a cool, refreshing, edgy performer (and person) -- if you haven't had the chance to check her out, do so immediately!

After the show, we boarded the 21-hour flight back home(!) Now it's family time and back to work on my new album.

The album is being produced by Richie Beats, Damon Elliott, J.R. Rotem and Scott Storch. We're busy perfecting it, but I'm thrilled with what I'm hearing.

When I'm not in the studio, I'm busy with my TLC TV show "The Singing Office". Joey and I are having a marvelous time meeting talented and fun people across America, and I hope you're having as much fun watching it as we are making it.

Thanks again for all your support. Be in touch soon.

Mel B.


Emma Bunton: Baby Food

The Daily Mail is reporting that Emma and Jade are scrapping their plans to move to LA full time in order to open a restaurant in London.

Our darling Baby has reportedly been in talks for quite some time to move State side in order to be a television presenter in the USA, but says that she and her boyfriend Jade, who is a budding young upcomer in the culinary world, are giving up those plans, opting to start a small family business instead.

Jade admitted,

"Yes, I want to open a restaurant with Emma. We're not sure when or where yet, but it's something we're seriously looking into."

As for Emma taking on work in the kitchen, Jade says,

"I won't let Emma in the kitchen any more. I've heard Gordon Ramsay has two kitchens in his house, so we might do the same. One for me and one for her.

Every time she picks up a knife I get terrified."

Emma is not the only Spice Girl to have dug her heels into the culinary arts. Victoria recently told the London Lite Newspaper that she was working on setting up a restaurant with Gordon Ramsey in LA.

Victoria Beckham: Visits Regis & Kelly

While Victoria and David are in New York City for their appearance at Macy's on Friday, Victoria will be appearing on Live! With Regis & Kelly to promote the new "Signature" fragrance line. Regis will not appear on Friday's episode, instead, Kelly will be joined by guest host Nick Lachey.

Regis and Kelly airs at 9:00am on ABC. Check your local listings.

Sidenote: As soon as I found the picture above, I realized that I forgot all about Victoria's long extensions phase. I feel so horrible that I didn't include that on the poll, because I really loved that period in her hairs history. *Sigh* Oh well.


Emma Bunton: Ab Fab - Huntin', Shootin', Fishin' (Part 4)

Eddie shoots a pheasant which turns out to be alive, so she and Patsy drug it and leave it in Hyde Park. Meanwhile Saffy calls the police on Sarah.

Hope you enjoyed this episode.

Emma Bunton: Ab Fab - Huntin', Shootin', Fishin' (Part 3)

"Maybe Emma Bunton shot me and I just don't know it."

Sarah decides to stalk Emma, while Eddie and Patsy try to make the most of their time in the countryside by horseback riding and shooting clay pigeons.

Emma Bunton: Ab Fab - Huntin', Shootin', Fishin' (Part 2)

"She said Stop It!"

Naoko Mori guest stars in her recurring role as Saffy's paranoid best friend, Sarah (whom Edina calls Titicaca) and becomes obsessed with Emma when they meet up at Saffy's baby shower.

Sidenote: Naoko and Emma have acted opposite each other before. Naoko played the role of the Spice Girls pregnant friend Nicola, in Spice World: The Movie.

Emma Bunton: Ab Fab - Huntin', Shootin', Fishin' (Part 1)

I've written a post about each of the Girls today, except for Emma. Since she doesn't really do much lately (compared to the others), I'm adding the second episode of Absolutely Fabulous that she guest starred on during the show's fifth series.

Again she plays herself as Edina's latest celebrity client (and Saffy's old school friend).

"She's the famous gob on Prince Charles' crackers."

Mel B: GMTV Interview (September 2008)

A short interview with Mel about all of her latest projects. We also get an inside look into the making of her workout video's.

Melanie C: Baby Bliss

Melanie recently talked about her excitement at becoming a mother with the Liverpool Echo newspaper in the UK.
“We are all very happy. My mum has looked forward to having grandchildren and she is very excited. I’m so happy she will be there to guide and advise me.

We found out a while ago, I’m due early next year. I was starting to show when I performed at the ECHO arena (for the Rhys Jones Charity Gig) and I was a bit self conscious about that. I knew I would be showing a bit by then but I wasn’t ready to tell the world.
We’ve already started talking about baby names.

We will be happy if we have a boy or a girl and we won’t find out before.”

In't that special?

Victoria Beckham: Harper's Bazaar Indonesia

Victoria is the cover girl for the October issue of the Indonesian edition of Harper's Bazaar Magazine. It doesn't look like there is an article about her, just a picture layout and an editorial. Even if there was an article, I wouldn't be able to read it lol. Here are the beautiful pictures from the spread though.

Geri Halliwell: Ugenia Signings

The Beckhams are not the only one's on a promotional spree. Geri Halliwell has two book signings currently planned for the UK fans.

Firstly, she will be appearing at the Waterstone's Childrens Book Department on the fourth floor of Harrod's department store this Saturday September 27th, at 12noon to sign copies of her childrens book series Ugenia Lavender. According to Waterstone's website, Geri will only be signing copies of her book and the time limit of her appearance is discretionary. So get there early to avoid disappointment.
Secondly, if you are unable to make that appearance, she will also be appearing at Selfridges in London on Saturday October 25th between the hours of 2pm - 3pm where she will sign copies of Ugenia Lavender: The One And Only and Ugenia Lavender: The Temple Of Gloom.

Of her character creation, Geri states,

‘To me, Ugenia sums up what being young is all about. She’s streetwise, sassy, has a sense of humour but most importantly has a real sense of right and wrong. I believe Ugenia can conquer the world, and really hope people love her as much as I do’.

There you have it folks.

Victoria & David Beckham: Signing At Macy's

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn't post this news yesterday but I was feeling a bit under the weather. Victoria and David will be holding a very special meet & greet this Friday September 26th at Macy's department store in NYC, where they will be signing bottles of their new Signature His & Hers fragrance line.
The first 300 people who buy the special Signature duo set ($122) between Monday (yesterday) and Friday at Macy's Herald Square location, will receive an exclusive pass to meet the Beckhams at 5pm on Friday on the Main Floor of the store and have their bottles signed by the two.

Only bottles purchased between Monday and Friday will be signed, no exchange receipt purchases will be viable for a signature. Macy's is located at 151 West 34th Street, New York.


Mel B: Will Pump You Up

Mel is getting all prepared to help America lose those unsightly pounds and inches when she releases her own personal fitness video early next year.

The Video which will be called "Totally Fit", will include a 28-day work out plan of both aerobics and weight resistance training, plus her own helpful tips about nutrition including recipes and snacks.

She tells People Magazine, “For anyone with jubbily bits, I’m going to tighten you up, make you laugh and enjoy your workout no matter what level of fitness you are."

Mel is not the only Spice Girl to release a fitness video. In 2001, Geri released two Yoga instruction video's called "Geri Yoga" and "Geri Body Yoga". The Totally Fit 3-disc box set will be released February 2009.

Spice Girls: Raw Spice DVD

The DVD of the Spice Girls unofficial documentary which showcases their time with their original management Chris and Bob Herbert, is now available on DVD. I posted this documentary awhile ago but I'm sure it's gone by now. So you can own your own copy today. In addition, The Spice Girls Live at Wembley Stadium performance from the Spice World Tour which was previously released on VHS, will be released on DVD in the UK October 6th. It is already available for pre-ordering through Amazon.

I'm sure it's just a matter of time before it gets released everywhere else.

Melanie C: Dreamball Private Gig

Melanie C is very, very sneaky. Last night she performed another private gig in Germany when she appeared at the Dreamball in Berlin. She performed a short set for a room of 500 specially invited guests as part of the private gala which raises money for the DKMS Life Organization, which goes to help women whose lives have been affected by cancer. Other special guests included actors Christopher Lee and Eva Mendes.Isn't Mel supposed to be on vacation? Oh well, she's doing her part for charities. Good for her.

Mel B: Has A Sixth Sense

Mel insists that she knew that her fellow Spice Girl Melanie C was pregnant before she had even told anybody. In the newest edition of New! Magazine, Melanie stated,

'Mel texted me about a month ago, saying, 'I've got something to tell you'. I immediately thought, 'She's pregnant'. I have a sixth sense for things like that.'

I hope you guys didn't think I meant that she saw dead people. That's just silly.

Emma Bunton: Vodafone Awards

The Spice Girls are still winning awards. Last night Emma represented the Group when she appeared (along with boyfriend Jade) at the Vodafone Music Awards at Brixton Academy in London. The Spice Girls won the award for Best Music Return for their sold out Return of The Spice Girls Tour, beating out artists like Led Zeppelin and The Verve. Emma said,

"I feel so honoured that our fans have given us the chance to do it all over again and obviously having the children there made it extra special."

"It was the most amazing time of my life. It was such a whirlwind, it was really fast, but all of us had the most amazing time. To have the opportunity and do it again and be out on tour was brilliant."
As for life after the tour...

"I went on tour very early with Beau so I've been spending lots of time at home with him being a mum which has been lovely."

Congrats to the Girls on their win.


Poll Results # 20

I knew I'd make it to 20 someday. Not a bad turnout for last weeks poll, I actually expected to get 3 votes but it got more than that (10 to be exact). So, the question was, After watching the Who Do You Think You Are video, which one of the Sugar Lumps do you think did the best imitation of their chosen Girl? Here come the results, in order of most voted for...

Jennifer Saunders As Geri (with 50% of the vote)

Kathy Burke As Melanie C. (with 30% of the vote)

Dawn French As Victoria (with 20% of the vote)

Lulu As Emma (with 10% of the vote)

Llewella Gideon As Mel B. (with 0% of the vote)
Awesome, thanks to everyone who voted. Jennifer (seen up top with the lovely Melanie C.) would have been my pick too (if I had voted). Good times. This weeks question will probably sound a bit stupid, but I want to know which Victoria hair style is your favorite? Vote Away.


Victoria Beckham: Soccer Mom

Again, I really have no story, I just find it really weird that Victoria is a soccer mom. Don't you? These are pictures of Vic at Brooklyn's soccer match this past weekend. I say soccer mom, but do soccer Mom's usually wear Prada dresses and Jimmy Choo shoes to a soccer field?I guess nowadays they would.

Geri Halliwell: Schizophonic Official Video

This video pretty much speaks for itself, so I won't bother you with a whole lot of chatter. It's a promotional video for Geri's return to music after she left the Spice Girls in 1998. Watch away.

Geri Halliwell: Lift Me Up

Lift Me Up was the third single taken from Geri's debut solo album "Shizophonic". It was released November 1st, 1999 and debuted in the number 1 slot on the UK charts beating out fellow Spice Girl Emma Bunton who released her first single What I Am (a collaboration with Tin Tin Out) that same week and came in at number 2 in the charts.
When Geri found out that Emma was releasing her single at the same time as her, she tried to back out in order to release it on another date but it was too close to the release date to do so. Wanting to get her song to the number 1 spot, Geri did a whirlwind of promotion and achieved her goal.
The video, which was directed by Howard Greenhalgh, was shot in Malaga, Spain and features Geri tooling around the desert with a group of aliens. Very cute idea.


Melanie C: Private Hannover Gig

Last Friday night/Saturday morning, Melanie appeared in front of 5000 attendees as she performed a set of 10 songs at the employees party of HDI-Gerling Property Insurance on the trade fair grounds in Hannover, Germany.That was a mouthful. The 12:30 am performance marked the first time Melanie has performed live since officially announcing her pregnancy. Mel wore a loose fitting black dress which slightly displayed her growing belly.


Melanie C: Rove Live Interview (2005)

"Not that I'm a Lez or anything."

Speaking of the Better alone video, in September of 2005, Melanie appeared on the Australian talk show Rove Live to promote her album Beautiful Intentions and discussed that video (particularly the dress), the three fears that she once reported she had, and her tattoo's.

I love Rove, I think he is so adorable. He actually did the voice of one of the sandcrabs digging around a pipeline toward the end of the film Finding Nemo. I'm full of useless information.

Melanie C: Better Alone (Version 1)

Better Alone is the second single released from Melanie's third album Beautiful Intentions.

The song was originally intended for a physical release in the UK in 2005 but due to bad reviews from music critics was later restricted to purchase from I-tunes as a digital download and through her official online store which sold the two physical cd singles and a dvd single.
Melanie would eventually release the single in other European markets in 2006 resulting in another video being filmed for the song's release.

This is the original video, which is my favorite of the two. I will eventually add the second version, maybe in a few days though. It would look odd to have two video's for the same song right after the other.

Mel B: Is Not Naive

Mel B has recently admitted that though she is very excited to return to music with her new album which she hopes to release early next year, she is in no way naive about thinking that she could ever match the success she had with the Spice Girls.

"I could never be as successful as the Spice Girls - there were five of us in that group, and alone you can only do so much. But it's nice to be able to have a go," UK newspaper The Mirror quoted her as saying.

"I'll have a new album out by January. I don't get nervous about how it will do or feel pressure to have massive success. I believe in what I do and if people like it, great, and if they don't then, whatever.

"The highlight of my career was the girls coming back together and deciding to do a goodbye tour. It was all done on our terms and it was us coming full circle."

Mel has also admitted that she would like to have another baby when the time is right.

"Not right now, because Angel’s only one and we want to enjoy the kids we’ve got. But in the future, we plan to have one… or two!"

Emma Bunton: Let's Talk Babies

Emma says that she cannot wait for her Spice Pal Melanie C to return from holidays with boyfriend Tom Starr so she can sit down with her and talk about pregnancy and raising kids.

"I knew she was pregnant before everyone else. I'm so happy for her," Emma said.

Was Emma the first of the Spice Girls to find out about the pregnancy? I guess that would make sense, Emma and Mel have both said on seperate occassions that they live close to one another in London. Don't you just wish Victoria and Mel B had this kind of relationship? Mel has said that they live close to each other in LA but that they don't really see each other.


Spice Girls: Who Do You Think You Are (Sugar Lumps Version) Repost

Sorry everyone, I was trying to fix something with this post and it has caused me to repost it.

In 1997 the Girls fifth single from their debut album Spice, became the official Comic Relief/Red Nose Day song for that year. As such, the Girls released two versions of the same video. The first one contained just the five of them, but the second had the Girls coming face to face with their comic dopplegangers.

Five of Britains top female comedienne's put their own spin on each of the Spice characters. Jennifer Saunders had a go at being Ginger, Dawn French did her best Posh pout, Lulu became our bouncing Baby, Kathy Burke showed how Sporty she could be, and Llewella Gideon bared her claws as Scary.

The song was the final single to be released from Spice, went to number 1 in the UK charts (with a portion of the proceeds going to comic relief charities) and became an iconic hit for the Girls after they performed it at the opening of the '97 Brit Awards.

All of the comic women, coincidentally, have all appeared on the amazing British comedy show Absolutely Fabulous (starring Jennifer Saunders), and Jennifer and Dawn have been sketch writing partners for ages. See French and Saunders.

PS. thank you to visitor "anymusicmania" for commenting on this post the first time around.