Mel B: Official Website Open For Business

Mel's official website has been completely redesigned and is now open for business. Head on over and see all that MelanieBrown.com has to offer us. Blogs, new promotional shots, music video's, contests, a biography and much much more. Definitely worth a look.

Here is the first blog featured on the site (which was clearly written awhile ago).

Hi everyone,

It certainly has been a busy, amazing couple of weeks for me.

I just got back from Vietnam, where I co-hosted the Miss Universe pageant. What an incredible experience - great people, delicious food, the sea was the clearest, cleanest blue I've ever seen, great for swimming, although with a temperature of 80 degrees it was a challenge to cool off. The countryside was also breath-taking and I was lucky enough to take in the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. It was a great trip, although the poverty level of many of the Vietnamese people was certainly eye-opening.

I had a fabulous time doing the show, met girls from 80 different countries. My co-host Jerry Springer was incredibly fun to hang out with, he had me in fits of laughter, the man has the sense of humor of a 21-year old! I also had the opportunity to meet and hang out with the amazing Lady GaGa who performed her hit "Just Dance" on the show. What a cool, refreshing, edgy performer (and person) -- if you haven't had the chance to check her out, do so immediately!

After the show, we boarded the 21-hour flight back home(!) Now it's family time and back to work on my new album.

The album is being produced by Richie Beats, Damon Elliott, J.R. Rotem and Scott Storch. We're busy perfecting it, but I'm thrilled with what I'm hearing.

When I'm not in the studio, I'm busy with my TLC TV show "The Singing Office". Joey and I are having a marvelous time meeting talented and fun people across America, and I hope you're having as much fun watching it as we are making it.

Thanks again for all your support. Be in touch soon.

Mel B.

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