Melanie C: on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos

As much as I've admitted to truly disliking the evil little queens over at Much Music who can't interview worth a damn, it wasn't always that way. Remember the good old days when we had the likes of Sook-Yin Lee, Bill Welychka, Master T, and the yummy George Stroumboulopoulos? Good times.

George (of course) has his own show called The Hour and Melanie appeared on it in the midst of her Canadian tour back in May. Her entire musical career is pretty much summed up in one twelve minute interview.

She is so right about the music industry when she says that cd's have basically become useless. I still buy albums though. I've slightly joined the millions of downloaders but I usually download it before it is released and then buy it when it comes out. I like to have a cd booklet to look at. But enough about me, watch away.

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Robyn (quiet_spice) said...

Thanks for this! I never knew it existed!