Spice Girls: Goodbye

I write this post today with a twinge of sadness in my throat. After a two year battle with stomach cancer, my Dear Aunty Ann passed away this morning at her home in Scotland.

She was a strong, funny, kind hearted, generous, and extremely loving woman who was an absolute joy to be around. Everyone who met her fell in love with her. My Brother and I always used to say that she reminded us of Joanna Lumley's character Patsy on Absolutely Fabulous because she always had a brandy and diet coke in one hand, a cigarette in the other and she was really quick witted. She always had a new Scottish term that she would try to teach me with her Farfer accent which always had us laughing. She was and is my favorite Aunt and I will remember her always.

So I'm adding the video for goodbye in sweet loving Memory to my Aunty Ann. I Love You.

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