Spice Girls: Who Do You Think You Are (Sugar Lumps Version) Repost

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In 1997 the Girls fifth single from their debut album Spice, became the official Comic Relief/Red Nose Day song for that year. As such, the Girls released two versions of the same video. The first one contained just the five of them, but the second had the Girls coming face to face with their comic dopplegangers.

Five of Britains top female comedienne's put their own spin on each of the Spice characters. Jennifer Saunders had a go at being Ginger, Dawn French did her best Posh pout, Lulu became our bouncing Baby, Kathy Burke showed how Sporty she could be, and Llewella Gideon bared her claws as Scary.

The song was the final single to be released from Spice, went to number 1 in the UK charts (with a portion of the proceeds going to comic relief charities) and became an iconic hit for the Girls after they performed it at the opening of the '97 Brit Awards.

All of the comic women, coincidentally, have all appeared on the amazing British comedy show Absolutely Fabulous (starring Jennifer Saunders), and Jennifer and Dawn have been sketch writing partners for ages. See French and Saunders.

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