Victoria Beckham: Bizarre Beauty Regime

Victoria, who has previously admitted to sleeping in the nude, has now revealed that part of her nightly beauty regime consists of sleeping with socks and gloves on.

"I put really thick foot lotion on with socks before I go to sleep. I also use thick hand cream with gloves at the same time.

David thinks I'm loony because I get into bed with gloves and socks on."

She says that the process is part of her top 10 beauty secrets. She also claims that she spends a lot of time making sure that her eyebrows are well groomed.

"I spend more time on them then I used to. I always thought, 'Oh, they're just brows.' But now I pay attention to them. I brush them and I'm careful not to over-pluck."

Just as long as she doesn't tweeze in bed as well.

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