Victoria Beckham: Dress Success

It seems Victoria's new dress line has made quite the impact on the buyers and fashion editors who were present for her private viewing at the Waldorf Hotel yesterday. Buyers for several top shops and department stores are already putting in bids for the rights to stock the first collection of dresses on their shelves when the line is officially released in February of 2009.

Only 400 dresses will be available in the first collection which should guarantee a good profit for Vic, but you better make sure you have deep pockets if you expect to purchase one of her designs. The dresses which range from sizes 6 to 14, are being priced between $600 and $1,400. I would suggest sticking with Sarah Jessica Parker's "Bitten" label since all of her pieces are $20 and under.

$1,400 for a bloody dress. That's retarded. She better be selling that husband of hers as a weekend plaything to people when they buy one of those. I love you Victoria, but ...no. The pictures are of my favorite dresses from her line.

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