Melanie B: On The Al Murray Happy Hour Part 3

"Eddie Murphy...Shame On You"

That's a fun little game isn't it? I digress.

Melanie B: On The Al Murray Happy Hour Part 2

Does Melanie pull a Janet Jackson during the tour? Oh Lord that is going to be so much fun to watch.

She also says that the tour goes til March and they are doing America and then it's done. Are the Girls possibly going to cancel their shows in South America, Australia, China, and South Africa. The shows have still not been scheduled on their website but they are still listed as coming soon. I hope they don't leave those fans out of the loop. That would be just terrible. Fingers crossed.

Melanie B: On The Al Murray Happy Hour Part 1

Melanie B appeared on UK chatshow Al Murray's Happy Hour while she was in the UK. This clip shows Mel teaching Al a few moves from her Dancing With The Stars experience. Two more clips to come.

Vicki And Her Saks

Melanie C isn't the only girl taking advantage of all the travelling she's been doing to promote her other job, Victoria stopped by Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston Yesterday afternoon to greet her fans and to promote her line of DVB Jeans before heading off to the venue to perform last nights show at the TD Banknorth Arena. Busy Girl.

Posh Shows Skin To Save Skin

Victoria is spicing up a skin cancer awareness campaign by posing nude for a t-shirt by designer friend Marc Jacobs.

Vicki states,

“Since we moved to California I have realized how important it is to practice safe sun for myself and to keep my three boys’ skin well protected as well.

Skin cancer is a huge problem and I really wanted to help raise awareness by taking part in Marc’s initiative.”

The t-shirt will reportedly sell for about $20 in Marc Jacobs stores with all of the proceeds going to skin cancer charities. David seems to like the shirt, doesn't he?

Melanie B Is Glad To Be Back In America

In the latest Spice Blog Melanie B discusses the return to America, new tour costumes and her love for their UK fans. Here we go....

Alright you lot.

I've just arrived at the venue in Boston ahead of our show tonight. We flew in on Monday and it was great to have a rest on the plane. The kids were all running up and down the aisles and singing Spice Girls songs and then "I Turn To You" which Melanie C loved... although I'm not sure if the other passengers on the plane felt the same!

Just before we landed, Romeo made an announcement over the tannoy asking everyone to take their seats and fasten their seatbelts... it was very cute.

We had a day off yesterday so I can't wait to get back on stage with the girls tonight and then we're off to Montreal tomorrow and Spice City (also known as Toronto) on Friday.

I'm really excited to be back in America again as I've been living on this side of the pond for the past five years. Our American fans are very supportive and it's nice to be here as a five-piece this time round.

I had an absolute blast being back in the UK. I didn't realise how much I'd missed it. One thing I didn't miss though is how the British press can be to people. They all need to be lovers not haters!

I loved being at The 02 for so long but it was wicked to get up north and perform in Manchester, which is so close to my home town of Leeds. I had a load of my friends and family in the audience that Saturday night and it was great to have them there.

I've got a new outfit for the celebration section of the show and I've got one thing to say about it... just call me Tamika Ghetto Fabulous, haha!

I need to say thank you to our fan David who picked up my bracelet when it flew off on stage in London. He returned it to me on Saturday in Manchester and I'm very grateful to him. It's nice to have it back!

I hope that you are all enjoying the give-aways on the website, it's my personal mission to get little keep sakes from the other girls throughout the tour - even if some of them are gross hahaha.

Right, gotta run. Time to go and sound-check. Enjoy the show.

Mel B x

I'm glad that she realises that the give aways for the most part were gross. See, I'm not crazy. My heart also fluttered a little when she said they would be in Toronto on Friday. I should probably have that looked at. Ta for now my lovelies.


Holler Screen Pictures

I've just come across these pictures that appear on the screen while 4 of the Girls perform Holler during the reunion show. They're a bit lesbionic don't you think? Or is that just me being weird? I think it's supposed to be them having a Spicey bitch fight but it looks more like a pillow fight for some reason. Anyway, I thought it would be rude not to share so here you go.


Solo Spice: Melanie B. feat. Missy Elliott - I Want You Back

The chances of Mel changing her solo song on the tour to I Want You Back is not bloody likely but at least you guys who voted can watch the music video.

I Want You Back was written by Missy Elliott for the soundtrack to the film Why Do Fools Fall In Love. Missy approached Mel about doing the song with her while the Girls were starting their first world tour. Melanie accepted, flew out to the US and recorded the song in one afternoon. The song and video, which features Melanie's ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar, achieved the number 1 spot on the UK charts and to this day is the only single of Mel's to do so.

I know that the very beginning of the video is cut off but it is the only version I can find on youtube that is of any good quality. Enjoy.

Poll Results # 12

Alright Melanie B fans, the votes are in for this weeks poll. The question was Which official solo single would you have liked Melanie B to perform during the reunion tour? You had 6 choices but one came up ahead of the rest. Here are the results in order of most voted for...

I Want You Back feat. Missy Elliott (the winner by a mile with 50% of the vote)

Feels So Good (with 19% of the vote)

Tell Me (with 15% of the vote)

Word Up (with 11% of the vote)

Today (with 7% of the vote)

Lullaby (with 3% of the vote)

Thanks everyone for voting, you guys are awesome. This week let's focus on Melanie C. I want to know which of Melanie C's solo albums is your favorite? Just a little spice update while I'm at it. The Girls landed back in the US today for the second leg of their American tour. I'm very excited to announce that I go to see them on Sunday and Monday (not braggin'....just sayin' is all). They play the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston tomorrow night. Since there is literally very little News coming out of Spice World these days (at least worth mentioning) I'll be adding quite a few old interview clips and video's. Hope that's alright with everyone. I've got a cold today though so I'll start that tomorrow.


Geri Visits Stab Victim

Geri took time out of her busy Spice schedule to visit a 14 year old girl named Jessica Knight who was attacked last Monday while walking through Astley Park in Chorley (UK). Jessica who is currently recovering from 30 or so stab wounds from a 3 inch knife at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, was visited by Geri who spent about a half hour sitting and talking to her. Jessica's father says,

"We were delighted when Geri agreed to come and visit Jessica and she was really generous with her time. Although Jess is unable to speak at the moment you could tell she was really excited as she kept moving her arms and her legs as Geri was talking to her. She is a big Spice Girls fan and I'm sure this will help her on her road to recovery. We started off the week and saw the very worst of human nature but since then we have seen the very best. It has been from despair to elation, given the fact that she is still alive. Jessica was minutes away from death but from then on the pendulum has swung in her favor. You play it through your mind: Why her? What was the reason behind it? Could it have been avoided? Could you have done anything to stop it happening? It's just torture really. She's still in and out of sedation and she's not communicating heavily but we managed to communicate by her toe movement. We know that the Jess we know and love is in there. We cracked a little joke and it was wiggle the toes once for 'yes' and twice for 'no'. She did about five wiggles. So her sense of humour is still there. She is fighting for her life and fighting big time. Her sense of humour is still there, the Jess we know is there."

Well done Geri. Best Wishes to Jessica on a speedy recovery.


I Will Survive On Ellen: Featuring Victoria Beckham

Victoria joined in on a special Happy 50th Birthday message for talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres which aired on her talk show this past Friday.

Vicki and a group of other celebrities each lipsynched to the Gloria Gaynor tune "I Will Survive" which then became the montage shown above.

The other celebrities in the video are Jake Gyllenhaal, Queen Latifah, Celine Dion, Heidi Klum, Kate Walsh, Paris Hilton, Sharon Osborne, Masi Oka, Jamie Foxx and David Spade.

Victoria @ Paris Fashion Week 2008

Here are some pictures of Victoria at this weeks Roland Mouret Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2008 Fashion show during Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday. Our Posh one sat front row at the show with fellow fashionista friends Claudia Schiffer and Dita Von Teese.

According to press, once the show was done Victoria picked out a Kleber cocktail dress in primrose yellow double crepe, with an origami-pleated neckline and full-length zip at the back as her personal favorite from the show.

"But it's hard to pick because really I think I want them all." She stated.

Which she probably will, I mean who's going to deny her clothes?

Geri Takes A Tumble

News has been a bit slow in Spice World this week and I have been working on my other Blog Impossible Prince but there are a few stories interesting enough to type about. Geri joined the ranks of klutzy Spice Girls when she took a tumble during her solo performance of It's Raining Men on Tuesday night. It was not a serious fall and it didn't cause her any kind of injury but with Melanie C tripping a few days before, Emma's fall in Vegas that caused her to sprain her ankle and Melanie B's New Years fall, Victoria is now the only Girl not to have fallen during the tour.

Surprising given the shoes she wears.


Spice Girls On Good Morning America

The Girls will be returning to North America for the second leg of their tour in just a few days, but they appeared on Good Morning America yesterday morning to discuss their excitement.

Watch to find out which one of the Spice Girls is George Clooney's favorite. Oooooh.


Emma Blogs Of Birthday Fun

Emma sends us a blog this week as run at the 02 Arena comes to an end and she celebrates her 32nd birthday.

Hi guys,

Firstly I would like to thank everybody who sent messages and made my birthday extra special! I had the best time! It couldn't have been more perfect, spending my birthday on stage with the girls and 20,000 people singing happy birthday.

After the show, me and the girls had a couple of drinks (a couple!) and a good old boogie with the band and dancers.

I was lucky enough to have a day off on my actual birthday and spent the whole day in my pajamas with my two boys and my mum - totally relaxing.

Tonight was the last night at The 02 and it was an emotional night. The audiences here have been amazing and its been great having friends and family with me every night.

I was packing this morning for Manchester and I'm looking forward to heading up north, it's always such a fantastic atmosphere.

See you there,

Lots of love,

Emma xx


Happy Birthday Maks

Melanie B's dancing partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy from Dancing With The Stars turned 28 last Thursday (January 17th) and I'd thought I'd give him a happy birthday shout out post.

Okay, it's not a post about any of the Girls but he's connected to them now whether he likes it or not.

Emma's Birthday Footage

Here is footage of the Girls surprising Emma with her birthday cake during Sunday nights show at the 02 Arena in London.

Too cute. "Watch Your Weave".

Spice Thrown

UK Furniture Company, Halo will be providing a few specially designed thrown-like chairs for each of the Girls when they perform their shows at the MAN Arena in Manchester. Each thrown is designed with one specific Girl in mind. There's a Union Jack designed chair for Geri, a white fluffy one for Emma, a thrown with a Liverpool emblem on it for Melanie C, an animal print covered chair for Melanie B, and a Posh looking print for Victoria (like she needs another thrown to sit on lol).

Each chair will be auctioned off on EBay for charity at the end of the tour.

Poll Results # 11

Wow, 36 votes. I think that's the most the poll has ever seen, I guess everybody has very strong opinions on this subject. The question was, Which solo single would you have wanted Victoria to perform during the reunion tour? There was actually a tie for first place which was pretty exciting because the song I wanted to win was one of them. Here are the results in order of most voted for (in case you live under a rock and don't know how this works yet)....

Out Of Your Mind (with 36% of the vote, the one I wanted to see)

Not Such An Innocent Girl (also with 36% of the vote)

Let Your Head Go (with 30% of the vote)

A Mind Of It's Own (with 11% of the vote)

This Groove (with 8% of the vote)

If it hadn't been Out Of Your Mind (I really wanted to see a big dance number with Vicki) then I would have wanted to hear her perform A Mind Of It's Own, maybe even the acoustic version. I think that is such a lovely song. Well, that was fun guys. Thanks for voting as always. I'm a little scared now that the next poll question won't get quite as many votes but here goes. As you all know, Melanie B performs a cover version of the Lenny Kravitz song "Are You Gonna Go My Way", but I'm curious to know which of her own singles would you have liked her to perform during the show? Is Melanie's solo material well known enough for this question? Oh well, vote anyway.


Spice Girls: Backstage Mischief

Emma takes us on a small guided tour backstage before one of their shows in London. Take a look into their hair and make-up rooms as the get ready for the gig.

"We take Geri back to the home after the show." Brilliant.

Happy Birthday Emma

She's always going to be Baby Spice y'know the sweet and innocent one, even when she's....32. That's right, I quoted Spice World, with a twist. Last night the Girls brought out a castle shaped cake decorated with marshmallows and other sweets in order to celebrate Emma's 32nd Birthday which is today. The Girls have a day off today, which means she gets to kick back and relax before they perform their final London show tomorrow night.

Emma was thrilled with the surprise and so happy to be surrounded by many of her friends and family including Jade, Beau and her Mum Pauline.

Happy Birthday Baby. Many More.


Posh Prize

I have a few stories that I need to write about, I've been working on my other blog because I have neglected it for awhile but here is one exciting story that I had to share.

Victoria has joined Geri in the ranks of good gift givers through the official website. Melanie B's quest for each of the girls to hand over something personal for the fans to win has led our posh lady to donate a few autographed DVB accessories. The accessories include two specially designed iPod cases (one in black leather, one in pink leather) and a mini photo album (also in pink leather). All three are adorned with a butterfly design in glittering crystals, one of Victoria's trademarks.

One can never have too many accessories so if you want to earn a chance at winning this prize, just send an e-mail marked "Victoria Style" with your name, age and address to competitions@thespicegirls.com and include the answer to this Spice Question.

What is the first line that Victoria sings solo during the Return Of The Spice Girls show?
All entries must be received by midnight on January 24th.

PS. Congratulations to Adam from Birmingham in the UK who won the competition to meet the Girls and see their show tonight at the 02 Arena.


Nostalgic Spice: "Wannabe" Music Video / Happy 200!

Since this is my 200th post on this blog, I thought I would make it special by posting the Wannabe video. This one-take video introduced each of the Girls so perfectly, paved the way for their future successes and went to number 1 all over the world. It also made us wonder, What in the hell is a zig-a-zig ha?

Thanks to everyone for making me want to keep continuing with this site. I thought I would get sick of it in two weeks but I'm actually really enjoying myself. Once the tour is over it may slow down a bit but for now I take it as it comes. Cheers to you!

Ugenia Lavender

Geri has joined the ranks of Pop Diva's turned Children's Author's. Like Madonna and Kylie before her, Geri has created her own literary character named Ugenia Lavender who's books will be published through MacMillan Children's Books starting in May.

Geri states that though she had actually been struck with the inspiration to do this project a couple of years ago, she really didn't start the whole process of writing the books until she was pregnant with her daughter Bluebell. And though Ugenia herself is an authentic creation from Geri's own mind, many of the characters she encounters during her adventures are based on some of her own famous friends including Victoria Beckham (who was the inspiration for the character Princess Posh Vatoria), David Beckham (who inspired the aptly named Davey Bockham), and Gordon Ramsey (who appears as Uncle Gordon).

Geri says, "I've only cast people in the book if it's authentic to the story. I don't know if the other Spice Girls will be in there," and that "The characters I've built around her are both flawed and inspirational - just like us."

Look for Ugenia Lavender in book stores come this May.

Baby Bride To Be

Is Emma Engaged? I've read that a source close to Emma has announced that she has excepted a marriage proposal from her longtime boyfriend Jade and that the two will be married this summer. These sorts of rumours were flying around in 2006 when Emma was participating on Strictly Come Dancing, so forgive me if I decide not to believe it until I hear an official announcement. The Source said,

"He just blurted it out a couple of weeks ago, before Emma flew off to start her tour with the Spice Girls. He asked her to marry him when she was pregnant but she didn't think it was the right time. Now Emma does feel it's the right time and she knows she's got the right man. Seeing the other girls married and seeing how Jade is with Beau has made her think differently. For so long it was Emma who resisted the temptation to get married because she felt she wasn't ready."

I'm always suspicious when it says "the source" or "the insider" because you just know that they're getting the information from the woman at the Dry Cleaners who smells like Marlboro's and chicken.

Here's hoping that it's true. They've been together long enough and they have the baby now, it would be nice. Congratulations to the happy couple. What!?! I caved, I think it's true lol. I'm so weak.

Melanie Goes Solo In NYC

Melanie C's official website has just confirmed that she will be performing another solo acoustic gig when the Girls get back to touring in the States. Mel and her band have scheduled a show in New York City on February 9th at the Grand Ballroom in the Manhattan Centre. The venue holds 1200 people (which makes room for a lot more people than the LA show), there will be a local support act opening for her and she is planned to hit the stage at 9:15.

If you would like to attend this very special show tickets will be available through Ticketmaster Friday morning (January 18th) at 10am. Tickets prices are $35 in advance and $40 at the door.

Geri Writes Of Male Models And Free Clothes

Geri has been busy soaking up the perks of being a Spice Girl again, but she came up for air long enough to write us this spicy little blog...


So, Spice Girls have gone all fashionista darlings!!!

It’s been wonderful collaborating with Roberto Cavalli on our tour wardrobe. We went to the his Menswear fashion show on Monday. They flew us over in a private jet; it was so fun and glamourous, and the clothes were gorgeous.

Okay, I have to be honest. I was hoping to check out the eye candy and stare at hot male models but they weren’t my cup of tea. I like my man to have bit more meat on his bones.

Anyway, it was a laugh hanging with the girls. We got some free clothes from Roberto, which is always nice. I’m grateful I got a snuggly coat which I can wear in New York. We are off shortly to the east coast of the USA with the tour.

It’s all going so quickly. We have four gigs left at The O2 and then it’s Manchester. God, this is the last time the Brits will get to see the Spiceys. I am trying to enjoy every last minute. In fact, I did the splits on stage last night, in the “Go Geri” moment. It made the girls laugh.

Geri xx


Spicing Up Sport Relief

The Girls are stretching their charitable legs (pun fully intended) once again as they launched the BBC charity Sport Relief yesterday by modelling their official t-shirts and socks. Sport Relief is a charity which works with Comic Relief to raise funds for the less fortunate by getting people active in running the Sainsbury Mile.

The Girls have stated,

“Whether you’re young or old, fit or unfit, most people can do a mile in one way or another and help poor and vulnerable people in the process”

Hope many people will show up and support this charitable event which takes on March 16th. Hey, that's my birthday. That settles it then...I want as many people as possible to sign up and take part.

Poll Results # 10

Wow, another really close one, Geri is definitely popular. This weeks question was Which Geri Halliwell Solo Album Is Your Favorite? The results in order of most voted for were as follows....

Scream If You Wanna Go Faster (with 45% of the vote)

Schizophonic (with 36% of the vote)

Passion (with 27% of the vote)

Geri's second helping is your favorite, well done. I personally love this album cover so much. No wonder she chose a song from that album as her solo number for the tour. Speaking of solo numbers (nice segue huh?), some people are a little perturbed by the fact that Victoria doesn't perform one of her own solo singles during the show which poses this weeks poll question in honor of our dear Posh one.... if you had a choice, Which of her solo singles would you have wanted Victoria to do during the reunion tour? Have fun voting, I know which one I want to win.

Spice Girls In Milan

The Girls flew out to Milan yesterday during their day off from the tour to support their friend and costume designer Roberto Cavalli as he presented his Menswear Autumn 2008/Winter 2009 Runway show to the hoards of fashionista's and social climbers. What's a Men's fashion show without a little Girl Power?


Surprise For Sporty

How sweet. Last night during the Girls show on Melanie C's birthday the Girls arranged for a giant chocolate birthday cake to come up through the stage floor after their performance of Mama. The cake was decorated with the words "Happy Birthday Melanie" and topped with a pair of Sporty Trainers.

At this point they had all of the Spice Boys come out and led the audience (including Melanie's parents and Westlife member Mark Feehily) through a sing through of the Happy Birthday Song.


Victoria's Brief Encounter

Victoria is like a rock star..... in a way. Last night during another sold out show in London, Victoria got a good giggle when an over enthusiastic fan threw their underwear on stage right in front of her.

Victoria responded to the crowd saying,

"I hope these are clean! I will give them to David and we'll reuse them... even if it's as a shower cap! It's good to recycle."

After all you can't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his...briefs. Or something like that.

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to Melanie C who turns 34 today. The Girls will be performing their show at the 02 Arena tonight making it the first time Mel has ever performed live on her birthday. I hope she gets an extra loud cheer and maybe even a serenade tonight.


Victoria For Marc Jacobs

Victoria is the latest face for designer Marc Jacob's fashion line. She has shot a variety of kooky magazine ads for the 2008 spring line including these three which feature her popping out of the designers shopping bags and gift boxes.
Victoria said of the ads,

“The images are humorous and ironic. You can’t be afraid to experiment with fashion, especially when working with Marc and [photographer Juergen Teller] — you have to push the envelope and show a different side… Marc is a genius. I completely trusted his vision and the opportunity to work with Juergen again after so many years was a privilege."

Regarding which of the ads were her personal favorites, she said,

“Truth be told, I love them all. If I have to pick favorites, it’s the package series: me coming out of the box in the gray knit dress shot with the hat, as well as the image of the oversize shopping bag. Certainly, if you can’t get locked inside a Marc Jacobs store, then trapped inside a Marc bag has got to be the next best thing.”

Legs together Victoria, you're a lady! What do you think of the pictures?


Victoria Is Named Worst Dressed

Thanks to my best friend Dean for informing me about this, I hadn't even heard. Victoria topped Mr. Blackwell's infamous worst dressed list of 2007. I, like some other people, had totally forgotten about Mr. Blackwell, I guess his list has declined in popularity of the past couple of years. Here is the rundown of the 10 worst dressed women of 2007 (some of which I agree with)...

1) Victoria Beckham
2) Amy Winehouse (agreed, I'm sure her clothes are the least of her worries though)
3) Mary Kate Olsen (I don't pay much attention to her...but sure)
4) Fergie (I hate her anyway)
5) Kelly Clarkson (completely agree)
6) Eva Green (Disagree)
7) Avril Lavigne (I think she wears too many things at once but she doesn't look that bad)
8) Jessica Simpson (Stupid Blonds can get away with wearing anything, so I disagree)
9) Lindsay Lohan (It doesn't count, half of the year she was in rehab)
10) Alison Arngrim (I have no idea who that is)

Mr Blackwell said of Victoria,

"Forget the fashion spice, wearing a skirt would suffice! In one skinny-mini monstrosity after another, pouty posh can really wreck 'em."

Wow, he's like the Dr. Seuss of the fashion world. I kinda like Mr. Blackwell, only for the fact that he called his autobiography "From Rags To Bitches". C'mon, that's beautiful, I like that! But should we really be taking advice from someone who looks like this.

Should we?


Vote Melanie C As The Most Attractive Woman

Does Melanie C turn your head? If she does you can vote for her on Hello Magazine's poll of the most attractive women of 2007. She is currently in third place on the poll with Britney Spears and Delta Goodrem in the lead. I can understand Delta Goodrem being in the top three but did anyone give a good hard look at Britney during the year 2007? It really wasn't pretty.

Anyway, the poll closes on the 17th of January and as I've read it you can vote every 15 minutes. Who does that though? Vote Here.

Geri Gives Good Prizes

I guess the Girls came to their senses and decided to give away things that are worthwhile lol. In this weeks fun competition on their official site, Geri has chosen to give away her lyric book that she used during the Reunion Tour rehearsals which she has autographed. The book, which details all of the songs in the show and even has some of Geri's personal notes, can be yours if you know the answer to this question,

What is the name of the solo song that Geri performs during the Return Of The Spice Girls Tour?

Send your answers in an e-mail marked GERI LYRICS with you name, age, and address to competitions@thespicegirls.com by January 11th for your chance to win.


Poll Results # 9

This one was close for a couple of our ladies. This past weeks question was Which Spice Girl has the greatest potential as an actress? The results are in and they are loud and clear (in order of most voted for).

Geri (with a resounding 48% of the vote)

Victoria (not far behind with 40% of the vote)

Emma (with 18% of the vote)

Mel B. (with 7% of the vote)

Melanie C. (with 3% of the vote)

Well, that settles that now doesn't it. Victoria was actually in the lead earlier today but then Geri sprang into the lead to take the win. I find it surprising that Mel B did so poorly because she has done the most acting out of all five of them (with numerous television appearances and independent film roles). But, Geri is the winner. Well done Ginger, and thank you guys for voting. Since Geri seems to win an awful lot of these polls, this week I want to focus on her a bit by asking you Which Geri Halliwell solo album is your favorite? Only three choices. Enjoy.

Solo Spice: Geri Halliwell - Mi Chico Latino

Translated as "My Latin Boy", Geri's salsa flavored second solo single from Schizophonic was her first to go to number 1 in the UK charts. The video was shot in Sardinia (The Meditteranean)by director Doug Nichol and is a fun little romp in the waves with a few latin men aboard, which is the kind of video needed to take your mind off the winter weather.

Sidenote: For those of you who haven't read Geri's second book Just For The Record, Geri went on a bulimic binge the night before shooting this video because she was afraid of looking fat in the bikini she wore for the shoot. Happy little tale isn't it?

Rumour: David Dukes It Out With Stephan?

Does David Beckham have a problem with Melanie B's husband Stephan Belafonte? Of course these kind of rumours always circulate when the Girls are together and I shouldn't pay attention to them but.....I'm bored, so sue me.

Anyway, yes the rumours are out there that David is acting a bit like a Yoko, the source claims,

"The other girls say Victoria's concentration flags when David is around. She is sluggish and has no interest in socialising with the other girls. David has complained to Posh that he hates the way Stephen Belafonte tries to control Mel B in public. He's even said he thinks Stephen's borderline abusive, because of the way he tries to tell her what she can or can't do. He thinks he is a user and an opportunist, taking advantage of Mel B and trying to ride her coat-tails to a producing career."

I personally think that this is bullocks because Melanie doesn't seem like the type of woman to be controlled, and at the time the two of them got together, weren't Mel's coat tails a little...well....tattered?

Who cares, it's an interesting story. They should get naked and wrestle to settle this dispute. More so David than Stephan. It's called "chivalry"....anyone?

New Print Ad: Intimately Beckham

There's no story, I just wanted to share the new Intimately Beckham Fragrance Ad. Enjoy.

Meet The Girls

Now this is a competition! Okay all you UK fans out there who couldn't get your hands on tickets, the Girls are holding a competition through the official website for one lucky fan (plus one guest) to have a meet and greet with the five and attend their concert at the 02 Arena on Friday January 18th.

If you want a chance to win this great prize, send your name, age, address and telephone number to competitions@thespicegirls.com letting them know each of the Girls middle names by noon on the 16th of January.

Even though everybody can't partake in this contest at least the prizes are getting better. I don't think we need to win anymore body casts. Don't worry, you'll get your turn.

Victoria's Enemy List

If this is just a rumour, it's awesome and if this is for real....it's awesome.

The gossip mill is circulating about Victoria having a list of celebrity enemies that she wants banned from coming to see the Spice Girls show. While the Girls perform their umpteen number of shows in the UK, Victoria allegedly doesn't want to see any of the following people in their audience...

Katie "Jordan" Price and her husband Peter Andre
Lily Allen
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Denise Van Outen
Graham Norton

A source says,

"Victoria has taken some stick over the years from certain celebrities. She doesn't want to be doing her stuff on stage, and then see famous faces in the audience taking the piss. So, quite understandably, Victoria has banned a number of well-known names from the show."

Isn't that the best thing ever? I doubt any of those people would even consider going to the show (except maybe Graham Norton), but it would be fun if they tried and were turned away. Oh Victoria, are you really this spiteful?

Scary Molests Posh

Lol, I found this picture too hilarious not to share. During Friday nights show at the 02 Arena Melanie B grabbed Victoria's breast in one of her now trademark signs of affection (Emma has mentioned that Mel also likes to pinch the other Girls bums on stage to make them laugh) and someone managed to get a picture of it.

And we thought Melanie C was the lesbian of the group ; ). Victoria recently stated that Melanie B is also the expert when it comes to giving sex advice.

"If we have sex problems, we go to Mel B, she is like the doctor."

Quite the recommendation there.

Write A Spice Story

For those of you who are attending or have already attended a Spice Girls show, have you ever thought about writing your own personal review? The Girls are adding a new section to the official website for your own Spice Stories to be published. Do you have a Spicey adventure involving the Girls show that you would like to share? Did you spot any celebrities sitting near you during the show? These things and more are what the Girls want to hear about.

If you have your own tale to tell, send your story in to stories@thespicegirls.com with your name, age, and address and see if it makes it onto the site.

Melanie C Blogs In 2008

Eeeek, Dear God I've been slacking on the site. There is much to catch up with so let's get started. Melanie C wrote the first blog of the New Year for the official website. Here we go...

Woo Hoo!! 2008, Happy New Year everybody, it's going to be a good one.

Myself and all the Spiceys had a great Christmas. We caught up with our families, ate lots of mince pies and got some well-needed sleep!

We got together for a New Year's Eve dinner at Gordon Ramsay's fabulous restaurant in Claridges. We got dressed up and had a great night. It was really lovely to see in the New Year with all the girls. We celebrated all the fun times from 2007 and raised a glass (or seven) to the ones to come and to the people who make them possible... especially you guys. THANK YOU!

Although we all really needed some rest we couldn't wait to get back on stage. The first show back was quite scary after not performing for a few days, but it was a blinder! In fact, the show has got even more exciting, we are having a ball and our audiences seem to be getting better and better.

It's lovely to be at home, even though it's freezing! I'm really looking forward to the show on the 12th because it's my birthday and I've never performed on my birthday before and I can't think of a better way to spend the evening. We're off to Manchester in a couple of weeks and we're really excited to take the show up north... so it's happy days in Spiceworld.

Hope you're all well and are avoiding that miserable flu. See you soon.

Lots of

Melanie C x x x


Solo Spice: Emma Bunton - Downtown

This was Emma's contribution to Children In Need. Her cover of this Petula Clark classic (which is available on her latest album Life In Mono) was the official song for the charity in 2006. The video may be the campiest, cheesiest, and cheapest I've seen her do to date but I do think that she does the song justice.

She was in the middle of competing on Strictly Come Dancing during the making of this video and as such she included many of the contestants, their dance partners, and her own dance partner Darren Bennett as the barrage of characters who take over the hotel room. Darren is the one dancing with Emma when she changes her maid outfit to the little babydoll dress.

Downtown reached # 3 in the UK charts.

Another Wedding For Mel B.

Geez, Mel B is just full of news.

Rumor has it that Mel is planning on having a second wedding ceremony to her husband Stephen Belafonte in the Spring (April from what I've read). Reportedly she feels really guilty after leaving out her family when the couple decided to secretly get married last summer in Las Vegas. This time she wants to include their family and friends in the ceremony as they renew their vows.

Might we expect to see a few Spicy Bridesmaids? The ceremony will take place in LA and Mel is insistant on having her Mother and her eldest daughter Phoenix standing with her on the big day

Happy New Year / Another Spice Sprain

Two birds, one stone lol. Oy, the ravages of New Years Eve did me in but I'm back. Hope you all had an enjoyable New Years. Let's begin.

The Girls continued their Return Of The Spice Girls Tour last night at The 02 Arena in London (where they will play for another 13 shows before heading to Manchester for their 3 night engagement at MEN Arena), but it seems one of the Girls had been partying too hard during their holidays.

All five of the Girls got together during their break to ring in the New Year with an expensive dinner at Nobu Berkeley and then moving on to party it up at the Claridges Hotel. During the festivities however, our dear Melanie B. took a tumble and ended up bruising her ankle. Geri was the first to respond to this during last nights sold out show.

"We all had a great evening but poor Mel B had a little tumble, so she's dancing tonight despite a painful ankle. Not that you will notice because she's still busting her moves."

Melanie danced with an eye infection and the flu during Dancing With The Stars, I'm sure she's not going to let a bum ankle stop her, but what are the chances of two of the Girls hurting themselves? I'd like to say be careful to the other three (you might be jinxed), especially Melanie C. who already has a bad knee from a former injury. Just while I'm at it, ummm is Melanie stealing a pillow from the hotel in the first picture or did she bring her own? If she is, I would find that hilarious.

By the way, Geri also took time out during the show to give a holler to her old friend George Michael who was among the screaming crowd.