Poll Results # 10

Wow, another really close one, Geri is definitely popular. This weeks question was Which Geri Halliwell Solo Album Is Your Favorite? The results in order of most voted for were as follows....

Scream If You Wanna Go Faster (with 45% of the vote)

Schizophonic (with 36% of the vote)

Passion (with 27% of the vote)

Geri's second helping is your favorite, well done. I personally love this album cover so much. No wonder she chose a song from that album as her solo number for the tour. Speaking of solo numbers (nice segue huh?), some people are a little perturbed by the fact that Victoria doesn't perform one of her own solo singles during the show which poses this weeks poll question in honor of our dear Posh one.... if you had a choice, Which of her solo singles would you have wanted Victoria to do during the reunion tour? Have fun voting, I know which one I want to win.

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