Melanie B Is Glad To Be Back In America

In the latest Spice Blog Melanie B discusses the return to America, new tour costumes and her love for their UK fans. Here we go....

Alright you lot.

I've just arrived at the venue in Boston ahead of our show tonight. We flew in on Monday and it was great to have a rest on the plane. The kids were all running up and down the aisles and singing Spice Girls songs and then "I Turn To You" which Melanie C loved... although I'm not sure if the other passengers on the plane felt the same!

Just before we landed, Romeo made an announcement over the tannoy asking everyone to take their seats and fasten their seatbelts... it was very cute.

We had a day off yesterday so I can't wait to get back on stage with the girls tonight and then we're off to Montreal tomorrow and Spice City (also known as Toronto) on Friday.

I'm really excited to be back in America again as I've been living on this side of the pond for the past five years. Our American fans are very supportive and it's nice to be here as a five-piece this time round.

I had an absolute blast being back in the UK. I didn't realise how much I'd missed it. One thing I didn't miss though is how the British press can be to people. They all need to be lovers not haters!

I loved being at The 02 for so long but it was wicked to get up north and perform in Manchester, which is so close to my home town of Leeds. I had a load of my friends and family in the audience that Saturday night and it was great to have them there.

I've got a new outfit for the celebration section of the show and I've got one thing to say about it... just call me Tamika Ghetto Fabulous, haha!

I need to say thank you to our fan David who picked up my bracelet when it flew off on stage in London. He returned it to me on Saturday in Manchester and I'm very grateful to him. It's nice to have it back!

I hope that you are all enjoying the give-aways on the website, it's my personal mission to get little keep sakes from the other girls throughout the tour - even if some of them are gross hahaha.

Right, gotta run. Time to go and sound-check. Enjoy the show.

Mel B x

I'm glad that she realises that the give aways for the most part were gross. See, I'm not crazy. My heart also fluttered a little when she said they would be in Toronto on Friday. I should probably have that looked at. Ta for now my lovelies.

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