Geri Visits Stab Victim

Geri took time out of her busy Spice schedule to visit a 14 year old girl named Jessica Knight who was attacked last Monday while walking through Astley Park in Chorley (UK). Jessica who is currently recovering from 30 or so stab wounds from a 3 inch knife at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, was visited by Geri who spent about a half hour sitting and talking to her. Jessica's father says,

"We were delighted when Geri agreed to come and visit Jessica and she was really generous with her time. Although Jess is unable to speak at the moment you could tell she was really excited as she kept moving her arms and her legs as Geri was talking to her. She is a big Spice Girls fan and I'm sure this will help her on her road to recovery. We started off the week and saw the very worst of human nature but since then we have seen the very best. It has been from despair to elation, given the fact that she is still alive. Jessica was minutes away from death but from then on the pendulum has swung in her favor. You play it through your mind: Why her? What was the reason behind it? Could it have been avoided? Could you have done anything to stop it happening? It's just torture really. She's still in and out of sedation and she's not communicating heavily but we managed to communicate by her toe movement. We know that the Jess we know and love is in there. We cracked a little joke and it was wiggle the toes once for 'yes' and twice for 'no'. She did about five wiggles. So her sense of humour is still there. She is fighting for her life and fighting big time. Her sense of humour is still there, the Jess we know is there."

Well done Geri. Best Wishes to Jessica on a speedy recovery.

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