Happy New Year / Another Spice Sprain

Two birds, one stone lol. Oy, the ravages of New Years Eve did me in but I'm back. Hope you all had an enjoyable New Years. Let's begin.

The Girls continued their Return Of The Spice Girls Tour last night at The 02 Arena in London (where they will play for another 13 shows before heading to Manchester for their 3 night engagement at MEN Arena), but it seems one of the Girls had been partying too hard during their holidays.

All five of the Girls got together during their break to ring in the New Year with an expensive dinner at Nobu Berkeley and then moving on to party it up at the Claridges Hotel. During the festivities however, our dear Melanie B. took a tumble and ended up bruising her ankle. Geri was the first to respond to this during last nights sold out show.

"We all had a great evening but poor Mel B had a little tumble, so she's dancing tonight despite a painful ankle. Not that you will notice because she's still busting her moves."

Melanie danced with an eye infection and the flu during Dancing With The Stars, I'm sure she's not going to let a bum ankle stop her, but what are the chances of two of the Girls hurting themselves? I'd like to say be careful to the other three (you might be jinxed), especially Melanie C. who already has a bad knee from a former injury. Just while I'm at it, ummm is Melanie stealing a pillow from the hotel in the first picture or did she bring her own? If she is, I would find that hilarious.

By the way, Geri also took time out during the show to give a holler to her old friend George Michael who was among the screaming crowd.

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