Rumour: David Dukes It Out With Stephan?

Does David Beckham have a problem with Melanie B's husband Stephan Belafonte? Of course these kind of rumours always circulate when the Girls are together and I shouldn't pay attention to them but.....I'm bored, so sue me.

Anyway, yes the rumours are out there that David is acting a bit like a Yoko, the source claims,

"The other girls say Victoria's concentration flags when David is around. She is sluggish and has no interest in socialising with the other girls. David has complained to Posh that he hates the way Stephen Belafonte tries to control Mel B in public. He's even said he thinks Stephen's borderline abusive, because of the way he tries to tell her what she can or can't do. He thinks he is a user and an opportunist, taking advantage of Mel B and trying to ride her coat-tails to a producing career."

I personally think that this is bullocks because Melanie doesn't seem like the type of woman to be controlled, and at the time the two of them got together, weren't Mel's coat tails a little...well....tattered?

Who cares, it's an interesting story. They should get naked and wrestle to settle this dispute. More so David than Stephan. It's called "chivalry"....anyone?

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