Solo Spice: Melanie B. feat. Missy Elliott - I Want You Back

The chances of Mel changing her solo song on the tour to I Want You Back is not bloody likely but at least you guys who voted can watch the music video.

I Want You Back was written by Missy Elliott for the soundtrack to the film Why Do Fools Fall In Love. Missy approached Mel about doing the song with her while the Girls were starting their first world tour. Melanie accepted, flew out to the US and recorded the song in one afternoon. The song and video, which features Melanie's ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar, achieved the number 1 spot on the UK charts and to this day is the only single of Mel's to do so.

I know that the very beginning of the video is cut off but it is the only version I can find on youtube that is of any good quality. Enjoy.

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