Victoria Is Named Worst Dressed

Thanks to my best friend Dean for informing me about this, I hadn't even heard. Victoria topped Mr. Blackwell's infamous worst dressed list of 2007. I, like some other people, had totally forgotten about Mr. Blackwell, I guess his list has declined in popularity of the past couple of years. Here is the rundown of the 10 worst dressed women of 2007 (some of which I agree with)...

1) Victoria Beckham
2) Amy Winehouse (agreed, I'm sure her clothes are the least of her worries though)
3) Mary Kate Olsen (I don't pay much attention to her...but sure)
4) Fergie (I hate her anyway)
5) Kelly Clarkson (completely agree)
6) Eva Green (Disagree)
7) Avril Lavigne (I think she wears too many things at once but she doesn't look that bad)
8) Jessica Simpson (Stupid Blonds can get away with wearing anything, so I disagree)
9) Lindsay Lohan (It doesn't count, half of the year she was in rehab)
10) Alison Arngrim (I have no idea who that is)

Mr Blackwell said of Victoria,

"Forget the fashion spice, wearing a skirt would suffice! In one skinny-mini monstrosity after another, pouty posh can really wreck 'em."

Wow, he's like the Dr. Seuss of the fashion world. I kinda like Mr. Blackwell, only for the fact that he called his autobiography "From Rags To Bitches". C'mon, that's beautiful, I like that! But should we really be taking advice from someone who looks like this.

Should we?


quiet_spice said...

hah, i agree, we should NOT be taking advice from someone who looks like that. besides, i've always liked victoria's style.

Dean said...

It was the zebra print dress with the pink trim that did it. You know the one.