Poll Results # 12

Alright Melanie B fans, the votes are in for this weeks poll. The question was Which official solo single would you have liked Melanie B to perform during the reunion tour? You had 6 choices but one came up ahead of the rest. Here are the results in order of most voted for...

I Want You Back feat. Missy Elliott (the winner by a mile with 50% of the vote)

Feels So Good (with 19% of the vote)

Tell Me (with 15% of the vote)

Word Up (with 11% of the vote)

Today (with 7% of the vote)

Lullaby (with 3% of the vote)

Thanks everyone for voting, you guys are awesome. This week let's focus on Melanie C. I want to know which of Melanie C's solo albums is your favorite? Just a little spice update while I'm at it. The Girls landed back in the US today for the second leg of their American tour. I'm very excited to announce that I go to see them on Sunday and Monday (not braggin'....just sayin' is all). They play the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston tomorrow night. Since there is literally very little News coming out of Spice World these days (at least worth mentioning) I'll be adding quite a few old interview clips and video's. Hope that's alright with everyone. I've got a cold today though so I'll start that tomorrow.

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