Poll Results # 8

That was a lot more votes than I thought the poll would get this week. There was a definite winner for this one and a couple who didn't get any votes at all. The question was Which Spice Kid do you think has the best name? The results in order of most voted for are....

Romeo James Beckham (with 43% of the vote)

Brooklyn Joseph Beckham (with 18% of the vote)

Phoenix Chi Brown (with 12% of the vote)

Bluebell Madonna Halliwell (also with 12% of the vote)

Beau Lee Jones (also with 12% of the vote)

Angel Iris Murphy Brown (with 0% of the vote)

Cruz David Beckham (also with 0% of the vote)

Poor Angel and Cruz. They didn't get any votes, oh well it was a slow week. Romeo is the winner by a mile. I just read that Romeo is epileptic, was I completely asleep when that was announced? Poor kid. For this weeks poll, lets move on to the Girls acting careers. I want to know (judging from what you've seen) which Girl you think has the greatest potential as an actress? Whether you judge the girls by their performances in Spice World or by acting jobs since (Geri on Sex And The City, Emma on Absolutely Fabulous, Victoria on Ugly Betty etc) is up to you. Vote away and I'll see you in 2008.


Dean said...

Murphy Brown lol

Dan said...

Oh Victoria definitely...such classic lines...

"Hold on to your knickers girls"

"This dress is dry clean only Melanie"