Posh Robbery

After the news that Melanie B had lost her bracelet from David Beckham, I was quick to give a mighty hoorah to Spice fan David who had called up their management company to set up a return of the missing piece. Some might say that it would be a poor fan indeed who wouldn't have done the same thing but wait until you hear this story.

Victoria was robbed during their show in Germany. After the Girls performed their sold out show at the Koln Arena on December 20th, Victoria went backstage to find thousands of dollars worth of her designer clothes and jewellery stolen. Victoria is reportedly very upset that among the pieces stolen was a red satin robe custom designed by Roberto Cavalli with Mrs. Beckham engraved on the front and Posh on the back. All the other Girls dressing rooms were untouched.

I'm sure half of her stuff will end up on Ebay or something. I'd hate to think what some kinky freak might be doing with her tour costumes.... Ew. What an awful thing for somebody to do before Christmas. Shame on you, whoever you are. Poor Form.

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