Baby Gets A Boo Boo

Eeeks! Emma Bunton has fallen and...she's up. During Tuesdays final show at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Emma fell and twisted her ankle. Ouch! She has explained to the official website...

"Last night I had a tumble on stage and unfortunately have sprained my ankle, so I am hobbling around on crutches!"

"I'm sure to make a speedy recovery and see you all at The 02."

It's a good thing she has a couple of days off before the shows in London (which start on Saturday), I wonder how and when in the show she fell? From what I'm reading it must have been backstage because nobody seemed to have noticed anything until she appeared yesterday at the Spice Plane unveiling sporting her crutches.

Although all of the Girls have promised to perform Saturday as planned (with or without crutches), they have decided to cancel their scheduled performance of 2 Become 1 on UK dance series Strictly Come Dancing (the British version of Dancing With The Stars in which Emma was a contestant last year) to give Emma a bit more resting time before resuming with the tour.

Get well soon Emma!

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