Celine Plans A Party

Our beloved Canadian songbird Celine Dion is reportedly going to be holding a Grand Canadian themed party for the Girls after their first concert in Vancouver tomorrow night at the General Motors Arena. The Diva was so thrilled that the 5 chose to start their tour in our country that she has decided to arrange festivities in their honor.

You might be thinking what does a "Canadian themed" party entail? Well, from what I've read it contains maple syrup pancakes, actors dressed up in Moose costumes (what else), Canadian flags, red and white in every corner, and a few Canadian celebrities and sports stars. But aside from all that, they will have a chocolate fountain, and oodles of Cristal Champagne.

It seems the Girls are supposed to be on a booze-free diet while on the tour in order to keep themselves up to the task. Clearly Celine follows no such rules.

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