Poll Results # 5

Yay! The results are in for this weeks poll. Usually I would have done this last night when the poll closed but I was performing last night. Good times. So anyhow, the question was Which Action Star Name From The Say You'll Be There Video Is Your Favorite? The results in order of most voted for were....

1) Trixie Firecracker (Geri) (with 50% of the vote....Wow)

2) Midnight Miss Suki (Victoria) (with 27% of the vote)

3) Katrina Highkick (Melanie C.) (with 11% of the vote)

4) Kung Fu Candy (Emma) (with 5% of the vote)

5) Blazin' Bad Zula (Mel B.) (also with 5% of the vote)

I'll admit I gave a pity vote to Mel B. because no one seemed to be voting for her lol, so technically she didn't even make it onto the scoreboard. Poor Thing. But everyone seems to love Trixie and I can't think of why not. As I've read it, Geri was the one to come up with these names so isn't it appropriate that she should have the best one?

Well done folks! This week I want to continue with the pattern of questioning from week 4 and ask you Which single from the "Spice World" album do you think has the best music video to accompany it? Only four choices to choose from this week. Vote away everyone.

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