Poll Results # 4

Wow! I guess that was a stupid question to ask lol. Here are the poll results from this past week. The question was, Which single from the "Spice" album has the best music video to accompany it? The results in order of most voted for are...

1) Say You'll Be There (with a staggering 61% of the vote)

2) Wannabe (with 22% of the vote)

3) 2 Become 1 (with 11% of the vote)

4) Who Do You Think You Are (with 5% of the vote)

5) Mama (with 0% of the vote)

Okay so, nobody likes the video for Mama and everybody friggin loves the Say You'll Be There video lol. That's really interesting to me, I thought 2 Become 1 would have won this one. Let's see, in that case for this weeks poll I want to know which action star name given to each of the Girls for the Say You'll Be There video is your favorite? Vote away. Any feedback on the polls is welcomed and appreciated, are you getting tired of them? Do you have a question you'd like to see answered in the poll? etc.

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