Nostalgic Spice: "Too Much" Music Video

Wow, it's taken me so long to add this video. I really should have done it after last weeks poll results but I kept forgetting that I wanted to do it. I also need to add the "Say You'll Be There" video because that was also a poll winner but we'll get to that soon.

First a bit about this video and song. As we all know this song was the single that they released to help promote the Spice World Movie and as such shows each of the Girls in a different movie genre scenario. Melanie B in a war/action setting, Emma in a poltergeist omage scenario, Melanie C in a Martial Arts arena, Geri as a glamazon classic film deity, and Victoria as a Catwoman-esque villainess planning on destroying the world.

The song was the second release from the "Spice World" album, their sixth consecutive # 1 single and second Christmas # 1. I've read that the video caused a bit of controversy because of a floating vibrator in the background of one of Emma's scenes. I never even noticed that until I read about it, it's at about the 2:32 mark.

Critics look for anything don't they?

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