Melanie C Keeps In Touch

The Girls have a day off from the Spice Tour tonight but the ever eager Melanie C has chosen to use her day productively, writing a message to her fans on her official website about her solo acoustic gig tonight at The Mint in LA.

"Hiya! Melanie here.

Sorry for my absence of late, been a tad busy with my old mates the Spice Girls! The tour is going great - we're all enjoying it so much.

We're back in LA now and, as you probably already know, being crazy fools, me, Greg, Paul and Nick have decided to do a little acoustic set on our day off tonight. We're going to be playing at a lovely little club called The Mint. I can't wait, it's going to be loads of fun and maybe I'll get a chance to play some other cities along the way.

Hope to see you all soon

Love Melanie x"

Keep it up Mel!

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