Victoria Beckham: Dress Line First Look

Here is a first hand look at Victoria's new DVB dress line which she showcased in a private viewing yesterday morning as part of New York Fashion week.

Vic's had this to say about the range,

“Structure is an important word to use when discussing my collection. The corsets and belts that have been incorporated into my dresses have been made in such a way that they are comfortable and supportive. My clothes are designed for women from a woman’s perspective.”

“I like to focus on the posture of a woman and how she holds herself, which led me to incorporate features such as modern corsetry and grosgrain details. In addition, there are finer grosgrain belts that are incorporated into the line of the softer constructed dresses to give this effect in a more subtle way, thus enabling women of all sizes to wear my dresses to create a magnificent silhouette.”

Victoria is expected to be at her friend Marc Jacob's showing today in New York. Most likely front row. What do you think about Victoria's new designs?

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