Melanie C: Here It Comes Again

I only have time for one post today. Sad but true, and since it is a bit of a slow news day for all of the girls, I'm adding the music video for Here It Comes Again, which is my almost favorite video by Melanie C.
I'll never forget when I first found out that this single was coming out. It had been over 3 years since her first album had been released and I was slightly giving up hope that she would ever put out another solo record. I was working at a cd store called CD Plus, and my boss and I were going through the new music catalogues, ordering the next weeks new releases, when I saw the picture of the single and subsequent album cover. Excited I was, firstly because of the thought of new music, and secondly that she had reverted back to her original hair color and she was looking gorgeous after the very unappealing blonde hair phase that she had gone through with Northern Star. And so, I immediately demanded that my boss (who had doubts about ordering any) order a copy for me personally. Good times.
But enough anecdotes. Written by Melanie, Marius DeVries and Robert Howard, Here It Comes Again is the first single from Mel's second solo album "Reason" (2003). The single was released February 24th, 2003 and became a top 10 hit in the UK but only peaked at #7 on the charts, which really surprises me because I really think this song is perfect. The video was shot in LA and directed by Charles Infante.

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Louis said...

lately I've been listening a lot to Melanie C and I like this song too. These days I'm kinda stuck with one song from each album xD: "Ga ga" (Northern Star), "Water" (Reason), "Better alone" (Beautiful Intentions, probably my favourite Mel C album) and "This time" (This Time).

Love your blog!
Take care and keep up the great work!
Greetings from Chile!