Poll Results # 20

I knew I'd make it to 20 someday. Not a bad turnout for last weeks poll, I actually expected to get 3 votes but it got more than that (10 to be exact). So, the question was, After watching the Who Do You Think You Are video, which one of the Sugar Lumps do you think did the best imitation of their chosen Girl? Here come the results, in order of most voted for...

Jennifer Saunders As Geri (with 50% of the vote)

Kathy Burke As Melanie C. (with 30% of the vote)

Dawn French As Victoria (with 20% of the vote)

Lulu As Emma (with 10% of the vote)

Llewella Gideon As Mel B. (with 0% of the vote)
Awesome, thanks to everyone who voted. Jennifer (seen up top with the lovely Melanie C.) would have been my pick too (if I had voted). Good times. This weeks question will probably sound a bit stupid, but I want to know which Victoria hair style is your favorite? Vote Away.

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