Geri Halliwell: Hello Miss Halliwell

Sweet Lord Geri is lookin' sizzlin' hot these days. Not that she wasn't always a looker (aside from that too skinny It's Raining Men phase) but her physique and glowing face since she's had a baby are pretty incredible.

Geri gave a revealing and upclose interview to Hello! Magazine for their August issue while on vacation in Mexico with her daughter Bluebell following the success of the Reunion tour. As well as that, she did an exclusive photoshoot to go along with the interview, appearing in a bikini for the first time in a magazine in 7 years.

Though she looks absolutely brilliant now, Geri is no stranger to battling with her weight. Suffering from Bulemia in the past, her weight has fluctuated throughout the years. Geri had this to say when asked in the article about her appearance,

'People think I'm really confident but I do get self-conscious like many women about stripping off in public. I haven't been willingly photographed in a bikini for seven years - and I don't think I'll do it again.

'At the moment, I'm a bit curvier, having done the tour, so it was a big mental step forward for me to show my natural self, rather than my worked-out, toned self.

'Obviously, I'm still vain, that's still in there. I wanted to look my best and I wore a bit of fake tan but what woman wouldn't if they're being honest?

'I did strive to have my most perfect body and, in moments when I lack confidence, that voice is always there waiting to tell me, "You are not good enough, do better," but I'm more conscious of it.

'It used to be the loudest voice in my head but now I just tell it, "Shut up..."

'I don't have a strict diet any more. I eat cake, crisps, sugar-free chocolate and chips if I want to. I can't be bothered to follow a gruelling food plan. I'm a petite person and if I eat relatively healthily I'll stay that way.

'It's simple really. When I feel under pressure, I do eat cake but I don't punish myself for that like I used to. I just eat more healthily the next day.'

The August issue of Hello! magazine is available on news stands now.

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