Emma Bunton: Baby Food

The Daily Mail is reporting that Emma and Jade are scrapping their plans to move to LA full time in order to open a restaurant in London.

Our darling Baby has reportedly been in talks for quite some time to move State side in order to be a television presenter in the USA, but says that she and her boyfriend Jade, who is a budding young upcomer in the culinary world, are giving up those plans, opting to start a small family business instead.

Jade admitted,

"Yes, I want to open a restaurant with Emma. We're not sure when or where yet, but it's something we're seriously looking into."

As for Emma taking on work in the kitchen, Jade says,

"I won't let Emma in the kitchen any more. I've heard Gordon Ramsay has two kitchens in his house, so we might do the same. One for me and one for her.

Every time she picks up a knife I get terrified."

Emma is not the only Spice Girl to have dug her heels into the culinary arts. Victoria recently told the London Lite Newspaper that she was working on setting up a restaurant with Gordon Ramsey in LA.

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