Victoria Beckham: Website Message

Victoria's dVb official website is currently under construction while new updates are added but she has left the following message for her fans reflecting on the success of the brand since it's humble beginnings and how she intends to keep the line growing with the addition of their new men's line of fashions. Read On.

This past year has been amazing, not only as a mother and wife but as the Creative Director of my label ‘dVb by Victoria Beckham’.

In just under two years dVb has grown from a passionate idea into collections which are stocked in top stores around the world – something I only used to dream of.

As Creative Director I am involved in every aspect of the brand – anything which has my name on I have created since the beginning. I’m extremely passionate about what I do and I thoroughly enjoy working closely with my team to design each and every style, to thinking about the smallest details such as fabrics, colourways and packaging.

I’m very proud of dVb, each collection gets stronger with every season and the label grows as I do. Along with women’s denim the dVb mens collection has just launched, and who better than David to be my muse! The best acknowledgement I can give is that there isn’t anything in my sunglasses, denim or fragrance collections that I wouldn’t wear myself.

I am looking forward to the brand developing…I have so many ideas; patience is something I’m trying to learn but haven’t got to grips with as yet!

We are updating the dVb style site at the moment so please watch this space as there is so much more to come!

Victoria Beckham

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