Spice Girls Tour Opening Video

Hey Everybody,

As I've said, I've been very busy lately. I'm currently preparing for a play which starts next week and I'm also in a choir so a lot of my time has been taken up by rehearsals but hopefully I will get a chance to sit down and actually write a post and spend time looking for pictures to go along with them. Until then a few video's here and there will have to suffice, hope that's okay with everyone.

This is a pretty exciting one in any case, it's a high resolution version of the opening video that played before the Girls hit the stage during their performances on the Reunion Tour. This will hopefully lead to the release of a Tour DVD in the near future.

PS. Thanks to Quiet Spice for the poll idea. I will get around to changing the poll as soon as possible.


quiet_spice said...

Just wanted to keep you up to speed, there has been two updates to the Spice Girls Official website this past month, the latest (todays) you will find disappointing :(

quiet_spice said...

If you're ever stuck with nothing to post, theres some videos here posted of the Spice Girls as solo artists singing spice songs... they are linked from youtube, I don't have the seperate URLs for them but I'm sure you could search them or something :)
someof them are pretty.... 'interesting' to say the least :) the Geri medley is one of my faves though :)