Poll Results # 13

Hey you guys. Man the votes dwindled a little in numbers this week but there is still a clear cut winner for the poll. The question was Which Melanie C solo album is your favorite? The results in order of the most voted for were....

Northern Star (with 41% of the vote)

This Time (with 33% of the vote)

Beautiful Intentions (with 16% of the vote)

Reason (with 8% of the vote)

Wow, Reason only got one vote. I don't know why that's interesting to me but I suppose it is the slowest album (what with all the ballads). Thanks for voting, I really hope you guys are alright and that you will continue to enjoy the site regardless of the unpleasantness....yah, high hopes or what? If you're fed up with the Spice Girls you can also visit my blog Impossible Prince for all your campy, tacky and frivolous needs. But for everyone who has a blasty blast reading this here page, here comes the next poll question. Which Spice Girl Do You Think Is The Best Dancer? Emma and Melanie B were both on dance competition shows but don't feel pressured to vote for them just because of that fact. I think they all have their own stylish way of moving.

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