Victoria Blogs About Toronto

Yah, Toronto fuckin' rocks and the Spice Girls know it. Victoria writes about Spice City in this weeks edition of the Spice Blog. Here we go.

Hi everyone,

It's been a really busy week. We arrived in Boston last Monday ahead of our show on Wednesday night.

Before the show I did a dVb signing in Saks and it was a huge success. I want to say a big thank you to the hundreds of fans that turned up, it was a great welcome. I'll be doing more signings over the next month so I hope to see some of you there. I'll be at Saks in Chicago on February 15 and then on February 26 I'll be at Holt & Renfrew in Toronto.

From Boston we went to Montreal and then we went to Toronto. The kids were so excited when we landed in Toronto because there was so much snow. They had a snow ball fight the minute their feet touched the ground!!

We really enjoyed our first show in 'Spice City' Toronto, it was great to be there and the crowd were so loud. I'm back at the hotel now and we are getting ready to travel to New York for our next show on Wednesday night. We really are having a great time on the road, it's fun to be back together with the girls and I'll be really sad when it's over.

Lots of love


Snow is one thing we certainly have plenty of. As I write this we have snow and freezing rain coming down outside. I have decided that I will be writing about the show I attended, but it will have to wait until Friday. That way I will have the time and mind set to do a fairly well written piece. Victoria was certainly right about one thing, it was really loud. My ears were still ringing the next day.

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