My Own Personal Prize

Hey guys, I've been really bad with keeping up these past fews days, I've just been super busy but I have a surprise for all of you (well, more specifically the readers in the Toronto area). I'll be going to see the Spice Girls tomorrow night and Tuesday night for their two final shows in Toronto which are their two final shows on the Tour and one of my friends has just let me know that they have a single seated ticket that they have to get rid of for the final show on Tuesday night.

I asked them to give the ticket to me and I thought I would sort of auction it off on this blog as a sort of thank you to you guys who have supported this blog over the past couple of months. So, this is how I thought it would go... the ticket is in section 103, row H which is pretty much perpendicular to the stage so you'll be watching the show dead on centre. The first person to comment on this post with the correct answer to the following question will win (please be sure that you are serious about taking the ticket when you comment, as well as be comfortable with going to see the show by yourself).

What are the last names of all five of the Spice Girls?

Don't forget to leave your e-mail address so I am able to contact you (by e-mail) to let you know if you have won or not (e-mails will not be made public). The winner will have to meet me Tuesday night at the Air Canada Centre in order for me to give them the ticket. Good Luck. If I get no responses by 12 noon on Tuesday I will give the ticket away elsewhere, just to be safe.

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