Mel B Admits To Ginger Bashing

No, the Girls are not fighting now but Melanie B has admitted to being really horrible to Geri in the past. In a recent interview with Grazie magazine Mel told the interviewer that she used to regularly disparage Geri's dancing ability during their rise to fame. She says she still does it now but without the venom.

Stating, "I tell her when she gets it wrong. In the old days I may have done it in a bitchy way, but it's much more sisterly now. I want her to look fantastic and get it right."

"Everybody knows that Geri and I have had our problems in the past because at one stage we were inseparable and that can never last, but having time apart and then coming together has been incredibly healing. We have a real bond."

Mel also took the time to shoot down the ongoing rumours that a rift within the group is the reason for cutting the tour short. These rumours were recently fuelled by the fact that Victoria was the only Spice Girl to not attend Melanie C's New York solo gig. Man they really are focused on the smallest insignificant things, aren't they?

Oh well, I guess they have to have a less boring reason for them making this decision. I mean family commitments? Yawn.
BTW. That is Melanie's husband Stephan strapped to her machine in the picture. That's a way to keep the marital fires burning eh?

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