Break Dancing Beckham

As was mentioned in Geri's latest Spice Blog, Cruz Beckham (and the rest of the Spice Kids) hit the stage with their mothers this past Monday night at Madison Square Garden during Mama. But Cruz was the only one to add further to the spectacle by breaking out in to a break dancing routine that had the crowd in a huge uproar.

There is a video of the spectacle that someone took and put on youtube but there are a few heads in the way and you can only really make out when Cruz does his little backflips so I'm not going to add it but if you want to take a look anyway I certainly won't deny you the pleasure completely. Click here to watch the show.

"He's the next Justin Timberlake" laughs proud Mom Victoria.

In other Spice Kid news, Cruz turns 3 years old today (quite a talent for a three year old) and Mel B's daughter Phoenix celebrated her 9th birthday yesterday so Happy Birthday to the both of them.

Sidenote: How cute is Mel B's other daughter Angel? Pretty damn cute if you ask me.

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