Melanie C Blogs From The Big Apple

Melanie has written this weeks blog following the success of her solo gig on Saturday. Read ahead to see her comments about it.

Hi Guys,

Melanie C reporting from Spiceworld NYC. It's freezin' so we're all keeping wrapped up!!!

The shows are still going great. We had two stormers in Long Island and now we're rockin' New Jersey. It's fun being back in the US. The audiences are just as bonkers as back home!

I played a solo gig on February 9th at the Manhattan Center's Grand Ballroom. It was amazing. We did a 60 minute acoustic set of songs from all four of my solo albums. Emma, Mel, Geri and lots of crew & dancers from the Spice tour came along to support me. I felt very special - especially with all the gifts I received from the crowd. So, thanks to all of you for that.

Back to being Sporty now! We've had an amazing time on the tour and we really can't thank you enough. We're truly sorry to those of you we never got the chance to see.

Stay Spicy

Love Melanie C x x

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i love that pic :D