Melanie C Promotion & The Release Of This Time

Okay so it may seem really cheap considering the huge show she is currently touring with that doesn't even need promotional advertisements, but there are yellow posters plastered on lamp posts throughout Manhattan promoting Melanie C's solo gig at the Grand Ballroom club in New York tomorrow night. I'm pretty sure that every Spice Girl fan in New York and their Uncles already know about the show and are all set to attend but hey...just in case right?

In other exciting news, Melanie will officially be releasing her current album This Time in Canada through distributer EMI Music Canada. The video for her single Carolyna has been shipped to Much Music and is in rotation on their playlist (so everybody vote and request that). Could it be that Melanie will come back to Canada to promote the album when all is over and done for the Group? Dear Lord I hope so. Melanie has not performed solo in Canada since the release of Northern Star. Reason was released in Canada but was not promoted apart from receiving the video for Here It Comes Again. Since she has started her Red Girl record label, it has been quite difficult to find Melanie's albums (and if you are lucky enough they are usually more expensive because they have been imported). I hope this opens all new doors for her solo career. This Time will be released mid April.

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