Solo Spice: Geri Talks About Ugenia Lavender

This is an official promotional video of Geri talking about her new Childrens Book, Ugenia Lavender. The first book will have three seperate stories within it's pages. Listen as Geri reads a snippet from one of the stories called The Red Shoes.

I love that she's holding the book open but she's not even reading from it lol. That is genius to me, it's like product placement at its worst. Do you think she's reading the story off of a monitor or does she just know it by heart?

Give it a look, it sounds really well written for a kids book. The first of the series will be released in May and there are rumours that Geri has recorded a new track called Bamboozled to accompany the books. Cute.

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quiet_spice said...

I think it's great that she is doing this :) I know for a fact it is VERY hard to write a children's book. I had to try for school once and it is very hard putting yourself back into that mindset!

ps. I'm glad you liked my poll idea :)