Get Melanie To Number 1

The Melanie C fans page on Facebook is calling on all Melanie C fans to get her video for Carolyna to number 1 on Canada's Much More Music Top 10. The more exposure she gets for this album the better our chances of Melanie visiting North America again. So with that in mind I am calling on everyone here to take the same course of action. It would be nice for Mel to have a new number 1 something in Canada again, the last time she was on Much More Music's Top 10 was in 2003 with the video for Here It Comes Again.

Follow this link to the voting page, choose Carolyna from the list of video's and click submit at the bottom. You can vote as many times as you want to. Cheers everybody.

Completely Off Topic: In answer to Quiet Spice's question regarding the Geri/Kylie video. It is from 1999 during Geri's promotion of Schizophonic and Kylie was in the midst of recording her album Light Years. Thanks also for the poll suggestion, good one.

Keep the poll suggestions coming everyone.

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quiet_spice said...

You can also vote for her video on Much On Demand


pick 4 videos and then you can type Carolyna by Melanie C in the bottom (she's not ON the list yet)