Geri's Tour Beauty Secrets

Care to be as sexy and dazzling as our beloved Geri Halliwell? Then read on and find out what it takes to make Ginger's looks snap. Clever huh? lol.

Hair stylist Jamie (Pritchard) says: It's about luxury, earthy curls, with big tumbling waves that bounce and look healthy and full. It's very Sex And The City inspired.

How It's Done: Geri comes in with her hair washed from home. I add a creme which turns to a conditioner when it's heated up. I wind Geri's hair with a hot stick, which is like a conical wand, to create a big soft wave that lasts through the show. Then I finger tease it and use a volumising hairspray.

As for make-up....

Make-up artist Kolbrun (Ran Kristjansdottir) says: Geri's look is warm and natural, with a healthy glow, but still with the Hollywood starlet look. It's classic and glamorous with a bit of a Bridget Bardot feel.

How It's Done: I use mineral foundations on the skin because they are perfect for achieving a very natural look. I've used brown colours to do the contouring of Geri's face and peachy colours on the cheeks for that fresh look. I use golden browns and milky colours around the eyes, which are all quite glittery, and I blend them into an almond shape to lift the corner of the eye.

I use a thick black eyeliner, kind of 1950's style, and just half a lash on the side, to give the eyes an extra lift. On the eyelids I use two pigments. I start with eyeshadow and then build up with loose colour to make it stronger.

Eyebrows are drawn up quite high, for a movie star-type look. I use a natural tone lip-liner that's a tone darker than the lipstick, which is a matte beige tone, that's our Bridget Bardot colour. I finish off with shimmering tan spray on Geri's body, which is perfect for her colouring.

Quite a lot of talk for a natural look wouldn't you say?

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