Melanie B's Tour Beauty Secrets

For all of you with the ferocity deep within yourselves that you need to let out every once in awhile, follow Melanie B's Beauty regime.

Hair stylist and Make-up artist David (Marvel) says: I wanted to do big curly "Scary" hair because that is what Mel was noted for before, but with a bigger curl. We all tried to incorporate earlier looks but updated them to make them more sophisticated and bring them up to date.

How It's Done: I use a volumising spray and set Mel's hair in curls with a large barrel iron, and pin-curl those after rolling them. This creates volume and makes the hair look crazy, and massive. Because Mel has a natural curl in her hair, I sometimes just set the top of the head and use a curling product on the rest before blow drying it with a diffuser. Finally, I apply a shine spray just before the show.

As for make-up...

For Mel's make-up I start with a waterproof airbrush base, which really holds through the show. I feel airbrush gives a really beautiful finish and you can get more coverage in areas that you need it.

I do smoky eyes on Mel, using a smoky black under the eye and a thin line on top. I use black on the outer and inner lid , and copper pink glitter in the middle of the lid to brighten up the eye and keep it light looking. I also do a white line inside the eye to open it up. Mel has very sculpted brows, so I just do a little definition with a light pencil.

On her cheeks I do a lovely golden highlight and a contour with the airbrush, using a brown and a nice peachy tone. The lips are very nude and beige with a nice gloss. I mix the gloss myself because with all Mel's hair you can't use a really sticky gloss. You don't want a colour on the lip either that could streak across the face when the hair hits it. Plus Mel prefers a lighter lip.

Finally I do a shimmer on her body and hair with a golden glitter spray.

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